What a feeling

What a feeling

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Warm-hearted comedy about a love between two women caught between cultures and conventions.

“The successful doctor Marie Theres (Caroline Peters) had imagined her wedding day differently. Did it really have to be the separation that her husband Alexander (Heikko Deutschmann) confronts her with? Yes, it had to, because he not only imagined the evening differently, but also his entire future life: More happiness and freedom, but less Marie Theres. As a result of this unpleasant turn of events, Marie Theres does what any sensible woman would do in such a situation: she reaches for a glass. The last nightcap takes her to Bigi’s (Barbara Spitz) bar – where there are mainly women who love women. And that’s where Fa (Proschat Madani) is.

Fa is fun-loving, spontaneous, unattached and lives her love life freely. Although the extremely proper doctor doesn’t fit Fa’s mould at all, she takes Marie Theres home after a night out anyway. However, she is too drunk to remember – did we or didn’t we? And are we even allowed to? Theoretically yes, but in practice it’s not quite so simple. Because Marie Theres and Fa can’t do anything straight!” (aus film.at)


Following the film in the English version with German subtitles, director Kat Rohrer will answer questions in English.

Fri, 26.4.24 | 19:30 Uhr

Mozart cinema
Kaigasse 33
5020 Salzburg
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Published 10. Apr 2024Updated 10. April 2024

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