Cecilia Bartoli Whitsun Festival
Photo: decca/Uli Weber

Whitsun Festival

Please note: This event is in the past.
Photo: SF/Marco Borrelli

Seville is the theme of this year’s Whitsun Festival Salzburg 2022 with the “Il Barbiere di Siviglia”.

About the programme of the Salzburg Whitsun Festival, the Italian singer and artistic director of the Whitsun Festival Cecilia Bartoli says: “Come with me to Seville for Whitsun 2022! Well, not really to Andalusia, but to Salzburg, where we will create the wonderful Seville of our imagination, with its overwhelming, radiant light, its blazing heat, its intoxicating orange blossom scent, its unique mixture of proud ancient cultures – and of course with the incredibly diverse music that this city has produced and inspired.”

This year’s performances include the opera “Il Barbiere di Siviglia” and the concerts: the piano matinee “Iberia”, the concert “La Torre del Oro”, the flamenco evening “Oda a la flor del naranjo”, the sacred concert “El siglo de oro” and the gala concert “Carmencita & Friends”. These are the Whitsun Festival 2022.The Whitsun Festival this year is inspired by Seville.

Fri, 3.6.22 - Mon, 6.6.22 | 0:00 Uhr

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Published 18. May 2022

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