Ballett und Wagner

Easter Festival 2023

The Easter Festival was founded in 1967 by conductor Herbert von Karajan. Since then, they have presented the works of Richard Wagner and other important composers in a modern context, inspiring new generations of music lovers. This year from 1 to 10 April.

Andris Nelsons will honour the 2023 Easter Festival with the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra. The focus is on the Leipzig-born composer Richard Wagner. The new staging of Romeo Castellucci’s production of “Tannhäuser” and the world premiere of the dance creation “Träume” by choreographer Emanuel Gat at the Felsenreitschule will be shown.

Dreams – A special kind of dance experience

Dreams” promises to be a unique interpretation of Wagner’s works. Emanuel Gat, the choreographer for the performance, has an international reputation as an outstanding artist and has performed at numerous renowned festivals and events worldwide. Gat has taken Richard Wagner’s “Wesendonck Lieder” as inspiration for “Dreams” and will bring to life the different facets of Wagner’s work with a mix of classical and modern dance. The iconic setting of the Felsenreitschule, a historic riding school, is a perfect place to stage the fascinating world of Wagner.

Electronic beats meet classical symphonies

Westbam meets Wagner” will also extend beyond the well-known Wagner repertoire. The Berlin-born musician and DJ Westbam is a legendary figure in the electro scene and has produced numerous albums and hits in his career. In this project, he has reinterpreted the music of Richard Wagner in an innovative way by embedding Wagner’s works in his music.

The performance will take place together with the Mendelssohn Orchestra Academy of the Gewandhaus Orchestra, one of the oldest orchestras in the world. The combination of Wagner’s classical music and Westbam’s electronic beats will take visitors on a special journey through the world of music.

Classical-modern music festival in a classical-modern city

The Salzburg Easter Festival is not only a festival, but also a platform for the cultural development of the city. The festival is an opportunity to present new artists and musical styles and to find new ways of presenting the works of Wagner and other composers in a modern context.

In summary, this year’s Salzburg Easter Festival offers a programme that will delight many music lovers. The combination of classical dance and modern electro by Westbam, for example, combined with the unmistakable music of Richard Wagner will be an unforgettable experience to see and hear.

Salzburg Easter Festival 2023, 1 to 10 April 2023

Published 17. February 2023Updated 8. April 2023
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