Gendering in Africa

Gendering in Africa

From October, the Museum der Moderne Salzburg is showing an exhibition of photographs by Samuel Fosso – a contemporary photographer from the Central African Republic who understands the play of gender.

Samuel Fosso (*1962 Kumba, Cameroon) is one of Africa’s most renowned contemporary photographic artists. He gave a new twist to the long tradition of studio photography in West Africa by developing and successively refining an independent form of an explicitly theatrical self-portrait since the mid-1970s. Fosso staged himself as a gender-crossing dazzling figure with fancy clothes and accessories, for which he found inspiration in magazines. The self-portraits are based on the play with roles, identities and media images, on embodiments of selected heterogeneous characters that are of personal as well as political significance.

With his works, Fosso virtuously exposes social codings of the body, clothing, accessories, pose and facial expression and playfully crosses attributions of gender, ethnic origin and social class – gendering in Africa. A central theme of several groups of works is Africa’s multi-layered relations – shaped by post-colonialism and globalisation – with the East and the West since the mid-20th century. Organised by the Generali Foundation at the Museum der Moderne Salzburg, the Personale highlights, among other things, these political aspects in Fosso’s work. The exhibition is Fosso’s first comprehensive solo show in the German-speaking world. Further biographical information on Fosso’s career is also available at the “Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation“.

22.10.2022 to 10.04.2023 Samuel Fosso at the Museum der Moderne Salzburg

Published 28. September 2022Updated 24. March 2023
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