Jazzfestival Salzburg

Jazz&The City Salzburg 2022

Jazz&TheCity opens up a new dimension of different musical styles to the audience – with free admission. The programme includes international jazz, improvised music and contemporary performance art.


Jazz&TheCity Salzburg 2022 will transform Salzburg’s old town into an interactive “playground” from 13 to 16 October 2022 and will delight friends of contemporary art, jazz music and performance art. For four days, Salzburg will become an international jazz metropolis.

Numerous musicians and artists from related genres such as dance and media art perform in large and small venues and transform Salzburg into an interactive stage. Performances take place at around 20 locations in Salzburg, mostly in the old town, for example on Residenzplatz, in the Traklhaus or in the arthotel Blaue Gans. But also the Marionette Theatre, the Künstlerhaus or simply out of the stages and onto the squares, roofs and into the hidden corners! During the city walks “Hidden Tracks”, the city space is used for street dance workshops and – weather permitting – the pop-up stage is used to spontaneously perform in the public space.

The lineup includes. Katrin Bethge, Sabine Scholl and Christoph Szalay, Songs of Wounding – Mariana Sadovska, Max Andrzejewski and Ensemble, Daniel Erdmann & Aki Takase, Das Kapital, Edward Perraud Trio, Pablo Held Trio & Nelson Veras, Rosie Frater-Taylor Trio, Myele Manzanza Trio, Insomnia Brass Band, Ensemble Kuhle Wampe, The Killing Popes, Philm, Ian Shaw, Nikitch & Kuna Maze, Mammal Hands, Matti Klein Soul Trio and many others.

Jazz&TheCity creates spaces where people can openly meet and exchange ideas. In this way, art and music act as a link in society across borders.

Jazz & The City Salzburg 2022: 13 to 16 October 2022. Admission free! The complete programme.

Published 31. August 2022Updated 1. September 2022
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