Kulinarik in der Salzburger Altstadt
Foto: Jane Doan

Plant-based Food-Festival

This year, the eat&meet culinary festival 2023 from 1 to 31 March will focus mainly on plant-based culinary creations.

As a plant-based food festival, eat&meet in Salzburg is a dream for vegetarian and vegan tastes. In addition to a diverse range of dishes, there is also entertainment, right up to broadening the horizons of one’s own cooking skills. So it will not only be delicious, but also interesting, with a pinch of food philosophy.

With this year’s motto “Vegourmets: A city eats green”, Salzburg will be a top destination for gourmets and newcomers to green cuisine in March. Over a period of 30 days, gastronomic establishments – spread throughout the old town – will be inviting visitors to 70 events, including talks by food experts on cooking, food trends and much more. You can stroll from one location to the next and explore the local sights with an appetite for more. And of course enjoy dishes made from high-quality regional ingredients.

The Patisserie Baltram, for example, offers a unique range of selected establishments, where a taste experience of homemade chocolate creations is served in combination with fine wines. Or the vegan dumpling party every Saturday at Café MUS?

Create your own fragrances

The St.Peter Stiftskulinarium offers something quite unusual, where the senses of taste and smell are taken on an unforgettable journey. In addition to an enjoyable evening, you can create your own scents together with scent expert Valentina Baruffa as part of the event. For the very refined palate, the iconic Schloss Mönchstein also invites you to a delicate vegan four-course menu with the support of four-hooded chef Markus Mayr. So you better be ready for a true feast for the palate.

The eat&meet culinary festival is the perfect chance to (re)discover Salzburg with a good excuse. The city of art and culture, paired with exquisite food and food-related events. What more could you want? And even if you are still far away from vegetarian and vegan cuisine, you might get a taste for it here.

eat&meet 2023, the culinary festival in Salzburg’s Alstadt, 1-31.03.2023

Published 30. January 2023Updated 28. February 2023
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