Corona Denmark

The Danes have it good!

Most Danes are fully vaccinated, incidence is high, hospitals are relaxed. The Danes are returning to normal life. And us? Waiting. For what, actually?

95% of the vulnerable groups in the Danish population are vaccinated, 81.2% of the total population are vaccinated twice, 60.6% boosted. With an incidence of 5148 (figures from 27.01.2022). The situation in hospitals is relaxed. Against this background, the Danish government has today lifted virtually all restrictions. One can say that the Danes have worked out normal life in a disciplined way and without a lot of shouting. Unlike in Austria and Germany. If you look at the numbers in this country, maybe it rings a bell with one or the other?

In this country, festivals (Mozart Week 2022) and other dates (vernissage, crime dinner and queer party of the HOSI Salzburg) continue to be cancelled or postponed again. This dilemma was also evident, for example, in the cancellation of Johannes Oerding‘s concert a week ago in Salzburg’s Rockhouse, where the entire Konturen tour was also cancelled for the third time and finally buried. And what happens now? All dates in Austria and Germany are rather declarations of intent at the moment. With the situation so unclear at the moment, all we can do is hope.

Hopes that the Electric Love Festival, for example, can take place from 7 to 9 July. Preparations are in full swing. “People are hungry to dance, party, meet friends. They want to collect Lifetime Experiences and we have proven that we can do that 100% organisationally. We are now feeling this confidence from the music fans in the advance ticket sales for the Electric Love Festival 2022, which are better than ever before!”

The Early Bird phase of the presale runs until 28 February, and according to the organisers, some categories are already sold out. With Paul Kalkbrenner and Steve Aoki, two absolute international DJ superstars have now also taken their place on the setlist. “What better way to spend a sundowner at Electric Love Festival than with Paul Kalkbrenner‘s live set? The Mainstage will be filled to capacity when the German star DJ celebrates his unique sound,” the organisers said in their press release today.

The Danes have it good!

There’s something about the sundowner idea, especially in these times. We’ll see if it works. Oh, if only we were all Danes! Then there would be a much greater chance of a return to normal life. But apparently we still need some time to think about it, a bit much time perhaps?

21. bis 23. April 2022 Livingroom Salzburg, Vernissage, Krimi-Dinner und Queer Party 7. bis 9. Juli 2022 Salzburgring, Electric Love Festival

Published 27. January 2022Updated 25. June 2023

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