Walk through the world of art

Salzburg Festival, Mozart Week, Jazz&The City, now (world-) renowned cultural formats in Salzburg. Now a new format is being added, the first Gallery Weekend Salzburg from 27 to 31 July 2021.

The press release of the Gallery Weekend Salzburg describes the event as a walk through the world of art. Indeed: in relation to its population (approx. 150,000), Salzburg has a very considerable density of galleries that present contemporary art from the fields of painting, photography or sculpture. In this way, they provide an inspiring counterpoint to the rich offer of classical culture. And so it is not surprising that this artistic competence is presented once a year in concentrated interaction, in 2021 for the first time.

Diverse arts scene in Salzburg

25 galleries show their broad artistic spectrum at the end of July. “On five days, a compact and varied programme in the contemporary galleries and exhibition spaces offers the opportunity to explore the diverse local art scene,” says the press release. And further: “Encounters and conversations with the artists and gallery owners will be made possible.“ There is also a varied programme.

On so-called Art Walks, 3 art mediators from the Museum der Moderne Salzburg and the Domquartier Salzburg take you on a walk to individual galleries in 8 tours over five days. There, the exhibited works of art are explained. One tour, for example, leads to the Leica Galerie Salzburg, where an exhibition by Bryan Adams, “Exposed”, is currently running.

Or to the Salzburg Künstlerhaus, the seat of the Salzburg Kunstverein since 1885. In 1885, a separate house was built in the typical style of the Wilhelminian period with an exhibition hall and studios, the Künstlerhaus. Today it is the only solitary building from the 1880s in Salzburg. Not only international art is shown here. The exhibition and studio house “Künstlerhaus”, owned by the Salzburg Kunstverein, has a total of 500 m² of exhibition space and houses 21 studios where artists and artist collectives work on site. A tour will also take you here on 31.07. at 11 am.

Sensual experiences

Many other programme items provide new insights and perspectives, sensual experiences and broadening of one’s horizons. For example, in the exhibition “Great World Theatre – 100 Years of the Salzburg Festival” in the Salzburg Museum. Here you can experience the cultural breeding ground on which today’s considerable number of galleries in Salzburg has grown. So this first Gallery Weekend Salzburg really is a walk through the world of art. Info on the complete programme, the participating galleries and the applicable Covid rules can be found here.

Gallery Weekend Salzburg, 27 to 31 July 2021. Opening in the Museum Pavilion in the Mirabell Gardens on 27 July 2021 from 6 to 8 pm.

Published 14. July 2021Updated 25. June 2023
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