A tour of the DomQuartier provides insights into the former center of prince-archbishop power.

The collection of paintings in the Residenzgalerie on the 3rd floor of the former prince-archbishop’s residence shows paintings from the 16th to the 19th century. The focus is on Italian, French and Austrian painting. Changing special exhibitions are shown here.

Cross the Dombogen to the cathedral, where the treasures of the Dommuseum can also be seen in the oratories. The terrace offers a beautiful view of the baroque center of Salzburg. As part of the DomQuartier circuit and a link between the Residence and the Cathedral, the Cathedral Arch Terrace offers a special view of the Cathedral and Residence Square, which served as a public stage for the court. Special exhibitions are also presented in the northern oratory of Salzburg Cathedral, which is decorated with elaborate early Baroque stucco.

A special attraction is the prince-archbishop’s chamber of art and curiosities, reconstructed in 1974. The original 17th century display cases hold a wealth of astonishing artifacts from the collections of the Cathedral Museum and St. Peter. The Long Gallery is filled with paintings from the Archabbey of St. Peter and leads to the Wallistrakt, where more treasures beckon. After a look into the Gothic choir of the Franciscan Church, the tour ends in the magnificent Carabinieri Hall of the Residence.

Published 8. March 2020Updated 6. April 2023
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