Rupertikirtag Salzburg

Salzburg Rupertikirtag 2021

After a one-year break due to the corona, the traditional Ruperti Cathedral Festival will take place from 22 to 26 September in the squares around Salzburg Cathedral.

The name day of Salzburg’s patron saint Rupert (around 650 to 716) is celebrated on 24 September. St. Rupert of Salzburg was the first bishop of Salzburg and abbot of St. Peter’s Abbey. And 24 September was the day of three cathedral consecrations so far, namely on 24 September 774, 1127 and 1628. The first documentary mention of Rupertikirtag dates back to 1313. In the Middle Ages, this fair had more of a market and trade character as a social event and has only developed into a fair in recent decades, honouring the historical significance of this festival.

The original market was also called Dult, which in Middle High German means celebration or festival – with the permission of the church or the sovereign. A day to let loose. Until 1856, the Rupertikirtag was held around the cathedral, then it moved to various places in the city, with moderate success. The festival did not take place for several years and was not held again until 1977. This Rupertikirtag is therefore also the 44th in its recent history.

Living crafts and historical fair

For five days, the Alte Markt, the Residenzplatz, Domplatz, Kapitelplatz and Mozartplatz will be dominated by craft markets, marquees and lively customs from the city and the country. In times of Corona, there will be no festival tent this year, but culinary provisions are made on the festival grounds. In addition, Salzburg’s diverse gastronomy will be at its best in this area of the old town. A highlight is the chain carousel from 1848. Nostalgic rides, folk music, stalls, ring games and beer tent are a spectacle reminiscent of the historical model and very popular with locals and city visitors. This year without a beer tent.

Salzburg Rupertikirtag 2021: 22 to 26 September. Covid 3G rules apply.

Published 16. September 2021Updated 25. June 2023
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