Hair Musical
Julia-Elena Heinrich, Simon Stockinger and Denis Riffel

And yes – November

November is considered the dreariest month of the year. But in times of climate change, nothing is certain any more. And yes – November in Salzburg is anything but dreary from a queer perspective.

Starting with the Halloween night on 31.10., where three parties will take place, we are heading towards Christmas. The HOSI Salzburg is celebrating the gruesome Halloween party for the last time in the scary old HOSI location in Gabelsberger Straße. Why? Because the HOSI Salzburg will move to its new domicile at Franz-Josef-Straße 22 at the beginning of November. Furthermore, the Magic Garage is calling for Drag-o-ween on 31.10. from 8 pm at the Shakespeare. Drag show followed by a party with DJs Can U Hirmi and Schoenflies&Klein. The baptism of fire for the Magic Garage at the Shakespeare on 30.09. was a success, including a sexy bartender. And on the same evening, the Mexxx is also out and about Halloween-style. Goosebumps at midnight! is the motto at the Gay Bar in Schallmoser Hauptstraße.

On Thursday (3.11.), the exciting film “Eismayer” will be shown at DAS Kino am Giselakai as part of the Queer Film Evening in cooperation with HOSI Salzburg. Homosexuality in the military – an explosive topic. The story is set in the Austrian army and is based on actual events.

Ladies Night at the old HOSI?

On Friday (4.11.) women from Salzburg and the surrounding area will meet again for Ladies Night. We will find out soon whether it will be in the old or the new location. Maybe the ladies will also move the HOSI that evening, who knows?

On Thursday and Friday (10./11.11.) there will be two more performances of the musical Hair on the stage of the Salzburg Landestheater. Stonewall was on Broadway in New York about a year after the premiere of Hair in April 1968. Both events reflect the mood of social awakening in the USA at that time. Against the backdrop of Putin’s absurd attack on Ukraine, the musical is red-hot.

HOSI goes fetish at the new HOSI?

On Friday (18.11.) it’s HOSI goes Fetish again. Gernot and Herwig are expecting leather and fetish lovers for talk and more. In the new HOSI in Franz-Josef-Straße 22, that’s the plan. We are looking forward to it.

Sunday (20.11.) is Sexy Sunday Afternoon at the Dark Eagle again. After the first successful event in October, we are curiously looking forward to the next opportunity to relax on Sunday afternoon.

And then we’re heading straight for Christmas. Will the HOSI have a punch stand at the Christmas market? We will certainly find out soon. And on 3.12. is the next HOSI party and the last one of this year. Anyway, Merry Christmas will come later.

Published 22. October 2022Updated 23. October 2022
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