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Christmas 2021 in Salzburg

Corona is also the dominant theme in Salzburg at the moment. So we are surfing a Corona wave through the Christmas season and the turn of the year – Christmas 2021 in Salzburg.

These lockdowns at irregular intervals are annoying and make rethinking necessary in many respects. Take Salzburg’s Christkindlmarkt, for example, which has now been extended until 9 January 2022 following the lockdown that has just ended in Austria since 13 December 2021. The thought is a bit strange to go to a Christmas market on 8 January and drink mulled wine, which is also not available (no alcohol). On the other hand, the stall holders have to get through these pandemic times somehow. So a rethink is called for.

Also for the entry rules to Austria: A 2 G plus proof obligation (vaccinated or recovered and current PCR test) applies in principle. If a booster vaccination is proven, the PCR test obligation does not apply. This also applies to Austrian citizens.


The bar and restaurant operators also have to rethink. Since last Monday, the closing time in Austria is 11 pm. The HOSI bar is open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. for all those who need some distance from the Christmas overkill. And on New Year’s Eve the closing time was lifted. The HOSI bar is open longer on New Year’s Eve. “We are also open on New Year’s Eve, but longer (I don’t think the restrictions are there),” says Katharina, front woman at the HOSI office. The rules change all the time, so sometimes you can’t keep up with the changes. Wolfgang from the Dark Eagle understandably doesn’t want to go along with this and will keep the Dark Eagle closed until the beginning of next year. For 2022, however, he promises “A lot will happen at the Dark Eagle next year.” We are curious.

David from Mexxx, on the other hand, makes the most of the limited opening hours. At the moment, this means that Mexxx is open daily from 6pm to 11pm. Longer on New Year’s Eve. What really applies on Christmas days remains to be seen. The plan is probably to relax the restrictions on those days a bit. So rethinking once again.

Stefan from the Fungo Bar meanwhile announces current opening hours on his FB page – every week different in case of doubt. Jens from the Jacky O’ Club on the Giselakai moans: “There are new regulations every week, you can’t plan what will apply next week. You have to read up on it first.” Jens opens his bar at 5pm every day as long as the 11pm curfew applies. On New Year’s Eve, however, the closing time is lifted and the party goes on longer – with a DJ in the impressive vaults of the Kapuzinerberg. Unless they have to change their minds again shortly beforehand. The whole procedure is reminiscent of last year’s situation, when going out was turned upside down.

And culturally?

Winterfest celebrated its belated premiere on 13 December. The 20th edition of Winterfest opened this week with “Backbone” by Gravity & Other Myths at SZENE Salzburg. The artists from Australia were celebrated by the audience with standing ovations. Now the team is preparing the next premieres in parallel: on Tuesday, 21 December there will be two to choose from: “Very Little Circus” by the Swiss clown duo Wakouwa Teatro at 6 pm in the Volksgarten and “Sweat & Ink” by Cirque Barcode at 8 pm in the SZENE Salzburg. “Very Little Circus” is a clownish theatre piece combined with juggling, music, a lot of wit and a big portion of heart.

The exceptional, multi-award-winning acrobats of Cirque Barcode from Canada bring an extraordinary production to the stage with “Sweat & Ink”. Against a backdrop of black and white projections and accompanied by electronic music, the artists show a struggle with their inadequacies and limitations and recognise the deceptive fallibility of their memories.

“The most electrifying sex experiment in musical history!” wrote the Kronen Zeitung about the Rocky Horror Show at the Salzburg State Theatre. On 27 December (7.30 p.m.) and 31 December (3 p.m. and 8 p.m.), among others, there will be a revival of the rock musical by Richard O’Brian (1973). The successful 1975 film “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” was also based on this musical. So: “Let’s do the Time Wharp again”.

On New Year’s Eve, as in the previous year, all private fireworks and firecrackers are prohibited. However, the big New Year’s Eve fireworks display over Hohensalzburg Fortress will take place this year. At least some normality has returned. And the curfew is also lifted on this day in Salzburg.

“On good days our laughter is genuine”

And what happens next in January? Doris and Astrid from HOSI Salzburg will start 2022 with the Lady’s Night on 7.01. On 19.01. Johannes Oerding will come to the Rockhouse in Salzburg for the start of his Kontouren Tour 2022. The song “An guten Tagen” has catchy quality. We are looking forward to the guest performance of the likeable Hamburgian in Salzburg. And at the end of January (hopefully) the Mozart Week can start. More on this and much more later.

Now I wish all readers of a Merry Christmas 2021 and a Happy New Year 2022. Also to the meanwhile many users of the English language version. See you soon in Salzburg. Peter Goebel

The latest corona rules in Salzburg on the website of Tourismus Salzburg GmbH (TSG). An overview of the Christmas markets currently taking place is provided by the TSG on this page.

PS: Rethinking one more time 😉 In the meantime, it has been announced that the ban on alcohol at the Christmas markets has been lifted.

PPS: Yesterday (20.12.) the HOSI Salzburg changed its mind and will unfortunately be closed on New Year’s Eve after all.

Published 18. December 2021Updated 25. June 2023

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