Gigi LaPajette

Countdown to the Long Night of Diversity

Back from the Draglympics at the Soundclub in Klagenfurt, Gigi LaPajette will be in Salzburg from Wednesday to prepare the Long Night of Diversity next Saturday (14.05.).

“There are so many puzzle pieces to put in the right order” says Gigi LaPajette. “And it’s fun.” Making arrangements with the restaurateurs, coordinating with the arriving artists, coordinating the programme. So Gigi and her team have their hands full to start the next queer highlight in the Schönen an der Salzach next weekend.

Countdown to the Long Night of Diversity

One thing is certain: it will not only be a long party night, but also a long night of diversity in artistic terms. Different artists will perform in all locations at different times. Diversity, that’s what it is.

Gigi will open the festival at 8pm in the HOSI Bar with her own show, with singing and stories from the life of the glitter diva. The “Quer Akt Ensemble” will then show their view of diversity with a live film performance of their live theatre project in the HOSI Bar at 9pm.

Nane’s Swing Café sets a different colour at Mexxx (8 pm). “Slightly loose and fluffy, the swinging songs bubble out of the two of them, wandering up over the listeners’ toes and into their hearts…Well-known jazz standards but also hits from the past, the two of them simply spread good vibes with swing, Latin and more,” says Nane on her FB page. Fits.

At 10pm Mademoiselle Giselle and Sassica Rabbit from Lipstick Ball Vienna will be at Dark Eagle. “Here to give a chance for newcomer Drag Queens/Kings/Monsters to be themselves and show the world how fabulous they are !!!! Come and Celebrate with Us !!!” That’s how the Viennese envoys describe themselves and will stir up the crowd at the Long Night of Diversity.

Main stream music fascinates the classically trained musician and pianist Damir Damn Ear. Main stream music, which offers him “eargasms” similar in sound to much classical music. Besides Sia, Elton John and Coldplay, Björk in particular has influenced his own songwriting. He will present himself with cover songs and his own songs to electric piano at 9 pm in the Fungo Bar and at 11 pm in the HOSI Bar.

All around, queer diversity will pulsate the whole night between HOSI Bar, Dark Eagle, Mexxx Gaybar and Fungo Bar. Porn karaoke, dildo and handbag toss, prize auctions, raffle prizes, walky acts, free shots, special drinks only on this night in every bar. This is how Salzburg opens the Austrian Pride season 2022.

Long Night of Diversity, 14.05.2022, 6 pm Opening in the HOSI Bar. From 7 pm in all participating locations Mexxx Gaybar, Dark Eagle and Fungo Bar. Combiticket for all venues 22€. Single tickets 8/6€. 100% of the proceeds will go to the HOSI Salzburg.

Published 10. May 2022Updated 14. May 2022
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