Phil Louis
Photo: Bettina Huttegger

Everything different and what next?

Singer songwriter Phil Luis, who comes from St. Johann im Pongau south of Salzburg, will present his recently released single “Alles Anders” at Salzburg Pride 2021.

The pandemic has turned many things upside down that were previously part of normal life and were taken for granted. But what happens when things that are taken for granted no longer apply? Many people ponder this. This is also the case with singer-songwriter Phil Louis, who will present his new single – “Alles anders” – at the Salzburg Pride 2021 during the stopover of the parade at Mirabell Palace.

The 25-year-old artist has had several experiences with about-turns in his life so far that have turned immovable things upside down for him. Everything different and what next? The trained travel agent had guitar lessons as a teenager, from which he was thrown out because he was too lazy to learn music, as he freely admits today. But the expulsion was also a kind of starting signal for his musical career. His whole family has a musical streak, so his current path in life is no surprise.

In his debut single – “Alles Anders” – he addresses the dissatisfaction with the current life situation, the desire to throw everything away and start a new life. This thought has probably crossed all of our minds at one time or another. Like the motto of Salzburg Pride 2021 “Love is in the Air”, his music is intended to help as many people as possible think about how they live their lives. He wants to encourage people to break with classic prejudices and take a new path. In doing so, tolerance towards human diversity and non-judgemental acceptance of different lifestyles is important to him. That is why Phil Luis is taking part in this year’s Salzburg Pride.

4.09.2021, approx. 6 p.m.: Phil Louis at the parade stopover at Mirabell Palace

Published 22. August 2021Updated 6. April 2023
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