First Ladies Night after Corona

On the 1st Friday of the month the regular Ladies Night takes place at the HOSI Salzburg – an evening by women for women. Next Friday (5.06.) starts the first Ladies Night after Corona. In loungiger bar atmosphere this evening is a meeting place for women, all the same whether lesbian, trans or hetero. Doris Posch, organizer together with Astrid Pracher, says “the Ladies Night is a protected space for women among themselves”.

This evening has a long tradition as a “women’s evening” at the HOSI. Four years ago, Astrid and Doris dusted off this format and turned it into Ladies Night. During these four years there have always been special and spontaneous events. For example, two Georgian asylum seekers cooked for the ladies. This was well received and broadened the culinary horizons. Occasionally there are readings. Or live music. Or the Ladies Night is simply a fun come-together with bar music.

On this evening, women come from Salzburg and the surrounding area, but the appeal of this format also reaches as far as nearby Bavaria or Upper Austria, bringing together women and trans people from the entire region.

With distance and hygiene

Given the corona-related circumstances, it will probably still remain that the first Ladies Night will also be held at tables, Until 11 pm. From June 15, however, the curfew in the catering industry will be extended to 1:00 a.m. and the four-person limit will fall. Who knows? With the constantly changing rules to distance and hygiene means Wolfgang of the Dark Eagle “There begin really to rotate”. Maybe next Friday everything will be different again? Nevertheless, it can not hurt to register for the 5th of June and the mouth/nose protection should be there in any case. Email After all, there are 30-50 women at a “normal” Ladies Night, and with the current 4-person-at-the-table rule, it might be tight.

HOSI member Klaus Horvat Unterdorfer has graphically implemented the currently valid rules of disbursement.

Be that as it may: Astrid and Doris are looking forward to the first Ladies Night after Corona next Friday (5.06.) and the reunion with long unseen fellows. A good opportunity to turn social abstinence into social presence.

Ladies Night at the HOSI Salzburg, always on the first Friday of the month, 7 p.m.

Published 31. May 2020Updated 25. June 2023
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