The rainbow mask of the HOSI Salzburg

Gay Pride with mask

CSD and Corona – how does that work?

The HOSI Salzburg has represented queer life in Salzburg for 40 years now and does important work for tolerance and against homophobia in Salzburg. As the organizing association of the CSD, it is of course dependent on income. A significant part of its funding comes from the HOSI festivals held four times a year at the ARGEkultur. However, this source of income has completely ceased for this year thanks to Corona.

Although the HOSI has no sponsors in the business community, it is still organizing the Salzburg Pride this year. In view of the increasing homophobic attacks in Austria, this is more necessary than ever. In order to compensate for the loss of income, the HOSI is offering rainbow memorabilia at the Rainbow Market during the CSD, especially the rainbow mask for €8.50, which as many participants as possible can wear during the parade. Because the point is to be able to celebrate CSD with Corona-compliant hygiene and distance rules.

Gay Pride with mask and distance

In the radio program “Queer Voices” the night before yesterday (26.08.), Klaus Horvath Unterdorfer from the Gay Pride organizing team convincingly explained that the HOSI is serious about adhering to the distance and mask rule. “Who may not adhere to the regulations, should not come to the Pride” said Unterdorfer. For this purpose, a so-called safety notice was also published.

Ultimately, it is up to each individual to behave responsibly. It is absolutely understandable if someone does not want to expose himself to the situation of being among many people and stays at home. But it is just as respectable if someone considers the Pride so important that he/she wants to participate. In case of doubt, this definitely includes putting on the mouth/nose protection. We should all perhaps slowly get used to this.

If everyone behaves prudently, Salzburg’s queer community will set a visible sign of its presence in the city of Salzburg under the rainbow on September 5. And lend emphasis to their demands on politics and society – also as a Gay Pride with a mask.

Rainbow-Market: Friday 4.09. from 6 p.m. in front of the HOSI and on Saturday 5.09. before the start of the parade from 4 p.m. at the main station.

Published 28. August 2020Updated 4. June 2023