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Going out turned upside down

The measures that apply in Austria’s gastronomy for reopening after the Corona lockdown seem outlandish. And they are likely to turn the way of going out that we have known up to now completely upside down. Until now, going out basically meant cruising from one bar to another, from one group of people to the next, until late at night or early in the morning. Distance rules and mouth guards are instruments that run completely counter to the familiar going-out pattern.

From this point of view, we will have to change our expectations of going out – whether we like it or not. You can see it that way and make the best of it. David, host of the Mexxx gay bar in Salzburg, also follows this motto. Unlike in the Dark Eagle, where the spatial conditions make it difficult to operate in compliance with the corona-related restrictions, David can allow space for a maximum of 30 people at tables for four in the Mexxx. And does so.

Until 4 a.m. at Mexxx? Those days are over for the time being. From now on, we will have to rethink our plans for going out.

Next Friday (15.05.) the Mexxx will open its doors again. But it will be unusual. When entering the bar, a mouth/nose protection must be worn. This can be taken off at the table, but according to the rules it has to be put back on when going to the toilet or leaving the bar. Serving is only allowed at the table. The bar is taboo. If there are 30 people in the restaurant, other arriving guests have to wait outside until something becomes free. Registration/reservation is required. Closing time is at 11 pm.

Just like in the Fungo Bar Salzburg. Stefan is looking forward to welcoming his guests from 3 pm on 15 May. He has the advantage that he can put tables and chairs in front of the bar in the pedestrian zone and thus compensate somewhat for the lack of space in his small bar. After all, the warm season has begun.

Stefan reopens the Fungo Bar Salzburg on 15 May.

So there is soon the possibility of meeting long unseen fellow human beings again. “The bar or pub are a second living room for many. And many desperately need that back after this enforced social abstinence,” says David.

Table party

Olivia Jones was probably right when she said “clubs, bars and pubs are systemically important” at her symbolic wreath-laying ceremony for the restaurant industry in Hamburg the day before yesterday. And so, next Friday (15.05.) at 5 pm, the Mexxx will restart its operations. Daily from 5pm to 11pm. Earlier on weekends if necessary.

This means that we will actually have to completely change our going out behaviour – it’s not the end open from now on, but the beginning open. A very strange thought. “But it’s better than nothing,” says David from Mexxx.

Mexxx Gaybar Salzburg, Schallmoser Hauptstraße 20

Published 12. May 2020Updated 3. December 2023

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