“I was very pleased”

This line from the Tritsch Tratsch Polka by Johann Strauss is also the conclusion to Gigi’s Rosa Stadl last Saturday at the Steinlechner in Salzburg. “I was very pleased”

“I was there, mega party” writes a user on the Facebook page of gaysalzburg.at about Gigi LaPajette‘s Oktoberfest “Gigi’s Rosa Stadl” at the Steinlechner. With the Steinlechner, Gigi and four of her drag queen colleagues have provided another highlight in the queer calendar of the city of Salzburg, which has been getting more and more diverse for quite some time.

From 6 p.m. onwards, numerous guests arrived at the Steinlechner, most of them in traditional costume, the men in lederhosen, the women in dirndls. The Steinlechner was lavishly decorated, the menu hearty. Gigi and her colleagues welcomed the guests and first asked for a photo.

After the meal, the drag queens delivered a musical sample of their skills in two rounds. Sindy Sinful adapted Johann Strauss’ Tritsch Tratsch Polka in a very amusing way.

When the arm weakens

Between the shows of Miss La Thoya, Sindy Sinful, Trina Crystal, Betty Pearl, Mademoiselle Giselle and Gigi La Pajette, the title of Mr. Wadl was contested, a beer mug was held with an outstretched arm and finally the Maß was emptied. Martin from Salzburg was the winner and could look forward to a travel voucher from Rainbow Travel.

A hilarious drag Oktoberfest. “Finally a fun party again, let’s party!” wrote another user on the Facebook page of gaysalzburg.at. Around three in the morning, it was time to clean up. Gigi will probably follow up – we are curious. “I was very pleased”, to stay with the words of Johann Strauss.

Published 4. October 2022Updated 28. March 2023

Idyll und Verbrechen Dokumentation Obersalzberg

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