Let’s face November

Unpleasant times! November will live up to its bleak image.

In view of rapidly rising infection figures and the upcoming “Lockdown Light”, Corona has now also killed Salzburg’s Christkindlmarkt – like many other markets before it. Salzburg’s mayor Harald Preuner announced the end of the Salzburg Christkindlmarkt in no uncertain terms yesterday (29.10.). “It is therefore my clear intention not to grant a permit for the Christkindlmarkt this year. For me, there is no alternative to this decision, as sorry as I am.” This means that a special visitor magnet will fall victim to the pandemic. The fact that the charitable Advent market on the Großer Markt was already cancelled a fortnight ago is almost a side note. At this Christmas market, the punch stand of the HOSI Salzburg would have made the queer scene of the city visible. Those were the days when we drank our way into the evening with a rich punch and then got lost in the scene. Seems to be over for the time being. Unfortunately!

Let’s face November

So this year is more or less over in terms of the scene. At least the HOSI Salzburg has announced the dates for the HOSI festivals in 2021. On 6 March, 5 June, 4 September and 4 December, the biggest gay clubbing in the province of Salzburg will take place in the familiar form at the ARGEkultur in Nonntal. 5 June or 4 September are then also likely dates for the Salzburg Pride 2021. The Salzburg Pride 2020 at the beginning of September was a real highlight. The CSD could take place exactly in the time between the 1st and 2nd wave of the Corona pandemic and was a wonderful revival of the Pride feeling of the past.

Now, in November 2020, we are all more or less rethinking – forced to – and have to set new priorities. Of course, November is lost. Party and nightlife are taboo at the moment and even cultural events are out of the question for the time being. City walks and hikes, on the other hand, seem more possible. Why not get a breath of fresh Alpine air in Salzburg’s enchanting scenic surroundings if you live nearby?

The winter edition of the Salzburg Gay Guide has now been published to provide inspiration for the next six months of breakouts in these gloomy times. On 60 pages, the guide gives an outlook on the rest of 2020 and on 2021. Even if travel planning doesn’t seem opportune at the moment, it can’t hurt to focus on destinations for 2021. Salzburg, for example, which has lost none of its charm through Corona, especially for gays and lesbians.

Published 28. June 2021Updated 16. April 2022