Gigi La Pajette: Moderatorin der Langen Nacht der Vielfalt. Foto: Deborah Dominguez

Long Night of Diversity is canceled

The Long Night of Diversity was cancelled yesterday evening (15.09.) by HOSI Salzburg – unfortunately. The development of the Corona pandemic leaves no other option. The Austrian government has tightened the Corona-related restrictions in many areas of life, including of course for the gastronomy. For example, bar staff must wear an MNS, and guests must stay at least 1 meter away. All things that stand in the way of a relaxed party night like the Long Night of Diversity would have been.

The HOSI festivals have all been canceled for this year anyway, larger events and thus celebrations, as we still knew it three quarters of a year ago, are unfortunately not booming at the moment. The Gay Pride the weekend before last was an exception.

One weekend something like normality was rememberable. Maybe this CSD was the last of its kind in our latitudes? Who knows when a vaccine will be available? And how long it will take until it can be used nationwide? Maybe Gay Pride 2021 will be celebrated again in a familiar way. Maybe not. And what will all this do to the gastronomy and hotel industry?

It’s getting tight!

The Salzburger Nachrichten yesterday took a look at the situation of the hotel industry in Salzburg in Corona times. The occupancy rate of hotels in Salzburg recorded a decline of about 49% in August, almost half of a normal August. The first hotels have already announced large-scale layoffs after short-time work, for example the Sacher in Vienna and Salzburg. If for an economic enterprise a utilization of approx. 50-60% is necessary, as the industry spokeswoman in the chamber of economics Austria, Susanne Kraus Winkler yesterday (15.09.) in the Salzburger news is quoted, lets guess, in which economic difficulties the hotel trade is at present. The same applies to the catering trade. Every increase in the incidence of infection causes the remaining optimism and staying power to crumble further. And for the time being, the prospect of celebrating usual going out and partying, as we know it from pre-Corona times, recedes into the far distance. And so, after the Pride Boat, the Long Night of Diversity is also canceled – unfortunately!

Published 28. June 2021Updated 4. May 2023