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Queer city tour

The queer city tour of Salzburg shows 1200 years of city history from a queer perspective. It leads to places where homosexual personalities are known to have been active and to have had an influence on the city’s history. Roman Forisch shows traces of this history on the two-hour guided tour, which let Salzburg appear in a new light.

Roman Forisch at the queer city tour on the Rose Hill

That Archduke Ludwig-Viktor, the brother of Habsburg Emperor Franz Josef I, was homosexual is common knowledge. Many anecdotes about his life in Salzburg around 1900 are less so. The queer city tour helps here. Ludwig Viktor lived in Klessheim Palace after being banished from the imperial court in Vienna to Salzburg because of his supposedly disreputable lifestyle. Yet he enjoyed some popularity in Salzburg. For example, because he financially supported the Salzburgers in dealing with flood damage.

Queer city tour in front of Mozart’s birthplace in Getreidegasse

Roman Forisch, a certified city guide, tells anecdotes about this and other topics on the two-hour queer city tour. This takes up queer contemporary historical topics and leads to places where, for example, the Salzburg-born expressionist writer Georg Trakl wrote romantic and melancholy poems.

Commemorative plaque for Georg Trakl

Or to the Rose Hill in the Mirabell Gardens. Around 1600, Prince Archbishop Wolf Dietrich created this garden as a pleasure garden for himself and his partner Salome Alt, with whom he had 15 children despite her celibacy. Today, the Rosenhügel serves a similar purpose after dark – as a cozy cruising garden for homos.

In the Heckentheater of the Mirabellgarten

Two hours that offer new perspectives and show Salzburg in a different light.

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Published 29. February 2020Updated 6. June 2023

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The hill of roses

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Queer city tour Salzburg

As in other European metropolises such as Berlin, Vienna or London, there are also queer city tours in Salzburg. These take you to places where homosexual personalities are known to have worked and played a significant role in shaping the city's fortunes. Roman Forisch, certified Austria-Guide in conversation with [Read more]