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The opening of the border between Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein has recently been finalized, as the Salzburger Nachrichten reported yesterday (3.06.). From 15 June, i.e. in just under two weeks, tourist border traffic with Austria will also be possible again. This means that nothing more stands in the way of a trip to the beautiful city on the Salzach. Rediscover Salzburg is the motto of Tourismus Salzburg.

In the post-Corona era, things are different, even in Salzburg, which is normally very well visited by tourists. The city guides have resumed their work and offer guided tours for locals who want to get to know their city anew. You can simply join them. Which museums and sights are open again and when, you can read here.

Exploring a potential place of longing – to Corona of special charm. Photo: Drazen

The Salzburg Festival will take place with an organizational tour de force despite Corona. In the 100th year of its existence, the organizers have managed not to have to cancel. Instead, the festival will go over the “stage of the world” in a reduced form, as Salzburg self-confidently calls itself. The exhibition “Great World Theater – 100 Years of the Salzburg Festival – accompanies the anniversary. The exhibition will start belatedly, probably at the end of July, and will provide an exciting insight into 100 years of cultural history.

LGBTI scene of Salzburg is fixed

For many other events, such as the Rupertikirtag in September, it is not yet certain whether they will be able to take place. What is certain, however, is that Salzburg’s LGBTI scene was able to unceremoniously postpone all important events this year until the fall. Chapeau!

On the weekend of September 4-6, HOSI Salzburg will lead the Salzburg Pride, which originally should have taken place next weekend. With kick-off parties on Friday in the Salzburg scene, parade through downtown Salzburg and CSD party at the HOSI festival on Saturday.

From September 18-20 is then Pride Boat weekend. With a welcome evening in the rooftop bar of the arte Hotel with a spectacular view, queer city tour, Pride Boat on Lake Wolfgang and Sunday brunch.

And probably on October 17 Gigi LaPajette invites to the Long Night of Diversity. Program in four trendy stores – simultaneously – the whole night!

Maybe there is something that can compensate for fancy CSDs this year? This brings us back to the title of this article “Rediscover Salzburg”. If Salzburg has not been on your radar as a travel destination for homos so far, you can be taught better this fall. And perhaps discover a new place of longing?

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Published 28. June 2021Updated 4. June 2023
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