Salzburg Queer Update

24.08.2020 It is now certain: Gigi LaPajette will open the Pride weekend on Friday 4.09. from 7 pm with a drag queen bingo in the HOSI bar. Registration is unfortunately necessary in these times, by mail under Also a mouth-nose protection is to be carried, but we get used to it slowly but surely. Gigi will give everything and play with her balls. There are various prizes to be won.

13.08.2020 With the rules in place in September for the Corona pandemic in Austria, yesterday we canceled the Pride Boat for this year. Even though the boat floats outdoors, it is still an indoor event. And we cannot and do not want to follow the hygiene rules that apply here. That leaves the CSD from September 4 to 6. Let’s get Loud is the motto. News about it can be found daily from 7 a.m. on the HOSI page on Facebook. And of course here. See you in three weeks in Salzburg!

06.08.2020 Berlin, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, Düsseldorf, Mannheim – from all these cities and many more guests have now registered to participate in this year’s CSD in Salzburg. No wonder, the CSD season has largely fallen victim to Corona this year. And even if the big closing party at ARGEkultur has to be cancelled this year, the CSD parade will move from Salzburg’s main train station to Alter Markt on September 5. With stops at the Mirabellgarten and on the Staatsbrücke, where for example the Schwuplattler, the group of gay Schuhplattler from Munich will enrich the political demonstration. After the demonstration, people will meet in five Salzburg scene locations.

Many celebrities have announced themselves, radio and TV will report live. There will be a live link to the preparation team of the Worldpride 2023 at the Alter Markt. The parade is embedded in a whole weekend from Friday to Sunday, in which the Salzburg scene will show the rainbow flag – with the support of the city of Salzburg. Detailed info will follow here in the CSD Salzburg Update in the next few days and at HOSI Salzburg on Facebook.

05.08.2020 The CSD Salzburg Update replaces the Corona Update, even if the pandemic is by no means over. But in four weeks Salzburg will shine under the rainbow, at one of the few Prideevents that can take place this year. From September 4 to 6, the Salzburg Pride will offer the opportunity to make up for missed Pride season. With warm-up in the Salzburg scene on Friday evening, parade on Saturday and afterparties as well as a Pride-Breakfast on Sunday in a wonderful location at the Salzach river. All info and updates about this year’s Salzburg Pride now here at

Published 5. August 2020Updated 23. June 2022

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