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23.02.2022 “Let’s go” is the title of the HOSI Salzburg press release from today. It refers to dates for the queer scene in Salzburg. On 4 March, the women of HOSI Salzburg will present “Femmetastic Friday”, an evening of art and culture for International Women’s Day as part of the Ladies Night. Applications for artistic or cultural contributions can be submitted until 28 February (mail to
On Sunday 6 March, “the new ones” from the HOSI invite you to a Weißwurst breakfast and the presentation of their plans for the near future. These are the new HOSI Salzburg chairwoman Astrid Pracher and the new managing director of HOSI Salzburg Conny Felice. The meeting will start on 6 March at 10.45 a.m. at the HOSI Salzburg. Please register by 2.03. to
From 21 to 23 April there will be a series of events on the photo project “ICH” by Elfriede Pöttgen: Vernissage, Queer Party Night and Crime Dinner. Gigi LaPajette invites colleagues from the Austrian drag scene to the crime dinner on 23 April.
On 14 May Gigi LaPajette is again the initiator of the Long Night of Diversity 2022. The last Night of Diversity 2019 was great fun. Continuation now on 14.05.2022.
On 4 June there will be the next HOSI festival. The entire scene of Salzburg and the surrounding area will finally come together again at ARGE Kultur to celebrate, dance, chill and whatever else.
Here we go. Finally!

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09.02.2022 Corona has done it again: to throw away plans. This time it concerns the HOSI festival on 5 March, which was unfortunately cancelled yesterday by the HOSI Salzburg. So the next bigger queer event in Salzburg will be the weekend from 21 to 23 April with a vernissage, crime dinner and queer party. Photographer Elfriede Pöttgen has portrayed 50 protagonists from Salzburg’s queer scene who stand for the visibility of the rainbow in Salzburg. The visibility that is also reflected in this year’s CSD motto. Let’s hope that we can somehow get a grip on Corona by then. Vaccination helps.

03.02.2022 The motto of this year’s Salzburg Pride has been decided: “Be visible, Schatzi”. The result of an evaluation of statements from visitors to the Pride 2021. The visibility of the rainbow was the motivation for many to take part in the Pride last year. The organisers are taking this into account this year. Background information on the choice of motto and how the Pride planning for 2022 will continue can be found in the article Queer, proud and visible!

19.01.2022 “Due to the sharp rise in the number of infections, we cannot hold the three events on the planned date. We want to create a really fantastic weekend for you. With regard to the current Covid situation and the associated restrictions, this would unfortunately not be possible,” writes the HOSI Salzburg about the weekend “Vernissage, Crime Dinner and Queer Party” planned for the beginning of February. For the umpteenth time, Corona is blowing up all the plans. The Johannes Oerding concert tonight in Salzburg’s Rockhouse also falls victim to the pandemic. And the entire Konturen tour with it. “Due to ongoing pandemic situation: “After three postponements final cancellation of the ‘Konturen’ arena tour 2022”, says the Salzburg Rockhouse. Here you can also read a moving statement by Johannes Oerding. Unpleasant times!!!

06.01.2022 From 3 to 5 February, a new queer event format can be experienced in Salzburg. Emerging from the photo action “ICH” by photographer Elfriede Pöttgen, who took photographic portraits of 50 protagonists for the visibility of the rainbow, there will be a vernissage on 3 February presenting the results of this action. On Friday evening (4.02.) there will be a rendezvous of Austrian drag queens at “Crime and Dine” with a 3-course menu and a crime game. Thrilling. And on Saturday evening DJane Petra Pan will get the queer party going. All three events at the Living Room in Bayerhamerstr. in Salzburg. In these pandemic times it’s nice to be able to look forward to something different in queer party life.

14.12.2021 The lockdown in Austria has been over since last weekend and next Friday (17.12.) Gernot and Herwig start again with the fetish evening at the HOSI Salzburg “LMC Salzburg goes Fetish“. “Any verbal or clothing references to the birthday of the “Jewish carpenter” and its commercial exploitation through all kinds of purchasable trinkets will be rewarded with a caning by the bar team,” say Gernot and Herwig in their announcement. From 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Friday, you can see this for yourself. Admission free. The earlier date and a requested registration ( are due to the Corona situation. Sounds familiar somehow? Haven’t we been through this before?

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