Salzburg Queer Update

15.11.2021 Unfortunately, it has come to pass as was to be feared. The HOSI Salzburg has today cancelled all outstanding dates for this year. The reason is the escalating coronal situation in the city and the province.

14.11.2021 From 15.11., the lockdown for unvaccinated people will apply in Austria. This means that crossing the border between Germany and Austria is only possible with 2G. You cannot move freely in Austria without a 2G and on your return you will have to go into quarantine as an unvaccinated person. More on this under Corona and no end.

11.11.2021 From 22-25.11, from 14 to 20.30, the HOSI Salzburg will have a punch stand at the Christmas market at the Alter Markt. There, Christmas market strollers can experience the presence of the rainbow. And that’s where Salzburg’s LGBT scene will meet. Of course only with 2G, as is the case for all Christmas markets in the city of Salzburg. And masks will probably also be compulsory outdoors. Which might be difficult with a glass of punch. Read more about this in “Corona-Advent”.

27.10.2021 Next Monday (1.11., All Saints’ Day) is a public holiday in Austria and Bavaria. So the evening before is available for partying: for Halloween. The Junge HOSI is already busy preparing for a spooky night at the HOSI Salzburg in Gabelsberger Straße 26. The Mexxx is also decorated with spider webs, pumpkins and ghosts. From 8.30 p.m. you can also get bloodthirsty with strawberry tequila liqueur until the early morning. So a spooky long weekend in Salzburg is just around the corner.

17.10.2021 On 31 October, it will be spooky-beautiful at the HOSI Salzburg. The Junge HOSI organises the slightly morbid celebration of Halloween, a tradition that has been around for more than a thousand years and commemorates the dead. With a lot of love for detail, a spooky ambience is created in the HOSI centre on Gabelsberger Straße. Read more about it under Queer Halloween.

11.10.2021 From 22 to 25 November, the HOSI Salzburg will be represented with a punch stand at the Christmas market at the Alter Markt. In addition to punch, there will be all kinds of Advent treats and, of course, a cosy atmosphere in the medieval flair of the old town.

22.09.2021 The more present the LGBT scene is in public, as at the recent CSD Salzburg 2021, the stronger the homophobic reactions, also in Salzburg and throughout Austria. Do not give up – an assessment.

08.09.2021 3 days after the Salzburg Pride the following conclusion can be drawn: More participants than ever before for LGBT issues, but also reports of homophobic attacks afterwards. It is therefore all the more important to stay tuned. That was the Salzburg Pride 2021. 🌈🌈🌈

05.09.2021 The HOSI Salzburg today announced 2800 participants in this year’s Pride parade. I would have estimated 3000 as well. That’s a doubling compared to last year. That’s cool. And so important. More on this tomorrow here.

05.09.2021 Here are the first pictures of the Salzburg Pride parade from yesterday. In beautiful late summer weather, the parade with more participants than ever marched from Salzburg’s main station to the Unipark Nonntal. An impressive colourful procession that wonderfully represented the diversity of the LGBT scene. A detailed report with photos and video will follow here soon. Now it’s time for brunch and farewell at Café am Kai.

Published 5. August 2020Updated 23. June 2022

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