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Salzburg Queer Update

03.09.2022 Today is the day of the days of the CSD Salzburg 2022. From 11 a.m. you can groove to the day with DJ and vegetarian food at Furo Salzburg and lay a foundation for the rest of the day. At 12 o’clock the queer city tour starts at the HOSI Salzburg. From 4 p.m. the participants of the CSD parade will gather in front of Salzburg’s main train station. The parade will follow the same route as before, except that this time it will not go through Priesterhausgasse to Platzl but via Markartplatz past the Salzburg Landestheater to Staatsbrücke. The parade ends around 7 pm at the ARGEkultur and goes seamlessly into the Pride Night. DJ ZE613Hx will be playing outside until 10 pm. Drag queen Ginger Red from Vienna will play in the big hall. And in the basement DJ Ambjörn Söderberg from Oslo, Mr. Leather Norway 2021 and DJ of the year of the Antwerp label Darkland, will play. The afterparties will take place at Mexxx Gaybar and Dark Eagle.

24.08.2022: Queer Voices is the radio show of HOSI Salzburg, where voices from the queer community have their say. Queer Voices focuses on the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, inter*, queer and asexual – in short: LGBTIQA* people. Next Friday, 26.08. Gernot Lindner, Cornelia Maier and Klaus Horvat-Unterdorfer from the organizing team of Pride Week Salzburg will present the upcoming CSD at Queer Voices. Pride Week starts next Monday 29.08. and ends on Sunday 4.09.. For more visibility and diversity of queer lifestyles in the beautiful on the Salzach. This will be the CSD Salzburg 2022.

08.08.2022 I would like to focus on two special exhibitions today. Generations of Everybody” runs until 18 August in the Stadtgalerie Zwergelgarten. In this show of graduation works by art students of the Maastricht Toneelacademie, the room with pictures by professor Erika Landertinger is particularly noteworthy. 60 ink drawings on wrapping paper show a caricature of Everyman, ironic, frivolous and lustful. The pictures are reminiscent of George Grosz and his socially critical paintings and drawings, created in the early 20th century. Some of them can be seen at the Museum der Moderne Salzburg until 11 September. The exhibition “Schmutz und Schund” (Dirt and Trash) focuses on the dime novels of the time, which are a reflection of the moral abysses of the early 20th century. The Salzburg Festival was also founded at that time.

23.07.2022 Saturday 30 July has two interesting queer formats in store in Salzburg. The queer city tour with Roman Forisch starts at 11 am. Two entertaining and informative hours in the footsteps of historical queer personalities who have had a decisive influence on the fate of Salzburg in its over 1000-year history. And from 12 noon, the Mario Mauroner Gallery invites you to the Art Lounge. Every Saturday during the festival, a work by an artist will be presented – in a cycle that interprets the concept of love. On 30 July, the Viennese artist Anouk Lamm Anouk will be there to present her paintings from the series “Lesbian Jazz” as a metaphor for lesbian lovemaking. You can talk to the artist and the gallery owner – in a cosy, summery atmosphere in the sculpture garden of the Mario Mauroner Gallery on Ignaz-Rieder-Kai.

Gallery House Mario Mauroner
This house, built in 1932 in the Bauhaus style, stands in Salzburg Aigen an der Salzach. Today it houses the Galerie Mario Mauroner gallery. Photo: Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art

21.07.2022 The coming Saturday (23.07.) is very diverse from a queer perspective. The Art Lounge in the Skulturengarten of the Mario Mauroner Gallery starts at 12 noon. Curator Stephan Stoyanov will open his cycle “My one and Only”, artistic statements on synonyms of the term love. Every Saturday during the festival, a different artist will present his/her work on the theme. The Queer Short Film Festival begins at 4 pm in the Kulturhaus MARK. Besides short films in two slots, there will be a supporting programme with a workshop and drag party afterwards. The drag party will be a new opportunity to experience the Magic Garage crew live. And at 8.30 pm the NEON Club will start at the Mexxx. According to his Facebook page, David from Mexxx will again “go soooo massively overboard with the deco” at the Blacklight Party. Black light, neon make-up, good mood until the early morning.

23.06.2022 The programme for Salzburg Pride 2022 is set. The Pride Weekend will become a Pride Week: 7 days, 29 events on queer topics in the scene (HOSI Bar, Mexxx Gaybar, Dark Eagle), culture (Salzburg Museum, Salzburg State Theatre) and gastronomy (Bricks, Restaurant Furo). Workshops, lectures, parties, parades and much more will draw attention to queer issues in Salzburg for a whole week. And once again bring countless visitors to Salzburg. You can read more about all the events at This will be the Salzburg Pride 2022.

09.06.2022 “The freedom of celebrating and dancing together with friends is brought back to the Salzburg Lake District by the Electric Love Festival at the Salzburgring. Electric Love means attitude to life, music and adventure.” You can get a little closer to this from tomorrow (10.06.) at Mexxx. Every Heineken beer sold includes a coupon for the raffle of two VIP tickets for this electronic music blockbuster from 7 to 9 July.

02.06.2022 “The programme is set” says Klaus Horvat-Unterdorfer from the organising team of CSD Salzburg 2022. From 29.08. to 4.09. Salzburg will experience a Pride Week for the first time. Klaus announces that there will be at least 3 events on each day of Pride Week. We are looking forward to it. The preliminary programme will be available here next week.

20.05.2022 Until 24 June, all buses and trains in the province of Salzburg are free of charge on Fridays. In view of rising energy prices, the campaign is intended to encourage people to try out public transport. The public infrastructure in the city and province of Salzburg is extremely good, there’s no need for a car in Salzburg. Maybe take the trolleybus line 2 to the fetish evening at the HOSI Salzburg this evening? Get off at Stelzhamer Straße. Or to the Magic Garage in the Narrencastl? S-Bahn station Aiglhof. We’ll all end up using more public transport anyway. A very forward-looking initiative.

Published 5. August 2020Updated 27. November 2023

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