Talk in Gigi‘s living room

For next Sunday (3.05.20), Gigi has announced her last chat session on Facebook for the time being. The chat hour will then become “Talk in Gigi’s living room”. For the grand finale, Gigi will talk live with people from the community and discuss questions that more or less move us all. For example, how things are in Barcelona right now in times of Corona. Or what everyday home living is like in Tyrol or Cologne?

Guests from Salzburg, Tyrol, Hamburg, Cologne and Barcelona have been announced. This could be an interesting format, for example, when DJane Petra Pan, who played so well at the last Pride Boat, tells us what she did during her abstinent time. Or Gernot Lindner, Mr. Leather Austria 2016 and co-founder of “HOSI goes Fetish”. The event hosting the reopening of HOSI Salzburg after the Corona break on 15 May. Or what Uwe Kröger has to say about it all. Uwe Kroeger had his breakthrough as a musical star in 1992 in the role of Death in the musical Elisabeth at the Theater an der Wien and has since then also been successful as an actor, director and presenter. Illustrious guests for an illustrious finale.

With mouth guard at the table

So we are curious to see what enlightening things await us. And there’s also something to win at Gigi’s Talk. Either way, we can expect a change in daily life, with or without mouth/nose protection, at tables or on top of or underneath them? Who knows for sure? You can read about what happens next at Mexxx and Dark Eagle from 15 May here.

3. Mai 2020, 21 Uhr, Talk in Gigi‘s living room

Published 27. June 2021Updated 16. April 2022