HOSI Salzburg

The HOSI moves

After 13 years at Gabelsbergerstraße 26, the HOSI Salzburg is finally moving to a new, more contemporary location.

Moving stress! On 30.11. the old location in the Gabelsberger has to be handed over. Now every day, or rather, every hour counts. The old HOSI bar recently had the charm of an aging student pub. Nevertheless, for 13 years it successfully worked for equal rights for non-hetero-normative lifestyles.

The new location is at Franz-Josef-Straße 22, in the middle of the Andräviertel. With large windows all around, the HOSI Salzburg can fly the flag for its work at a much more eye-catching location. The interior is mainly sponsored by IKEA.

If the move is successful by 30 November, it will take a few more days until the new location is set up. From 10 December, regular opening hours should be possible again.

The move from the old location, dark and striped by a busy street, to the new address in the busy Andräviertel with lots of public traffic puts the HOSI in the city of Salzburg where it belongs: in the public eye. We are excited!

Published 26. November 2022Updated 27. November 2022
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