Das wird der CSD Salzburg 2023

This will be the Salzburg Pride 2023

This year, the Salzburg Pride will be embedded in a Pride Festival from 27 August to 3 September. 8 days of events on queer themes to underline the visibility of the rainbow in the city of Salzburg. This will be the Salzburg Pride 2023.

“Be visible Schatzi” will also be the motto of CSD Salzburg in 2023. It is about the visibility of the community in the city – but also about the partners from institutions in the city showing themselves with us. That will be the focus this year,” says Conny Felice, Managing Director of HOSI Salzburg in an interview with gaysalzburg.at.

On Sunday 27.08., the Pride Festival will start with a Pride Brunch at the arte Hotel Salzburg. Gigi LaPajette will open the colourful schedule of this year’s Pride Festival late on Sunday morning.

A workshop is planned for Monday 28.08: Topic: Transsexuality, intersexuality and nonbinary. On Monday, this workshop will be for those affected. In the evening there will be a continuation of the very successful pub quiz in the Academy Bar. Last year the topic was Queer Music Knowledge. We are looking forward to the new edition.

On Tuesday 29.08., the workshop from Monday will be repeated, this time explicitly for medical and psychological professionals. In the evening, there will be a kitchen showdown from 7 pm. At Olina Kitchens, people will be chopping, cooking and frying. And last but not least, we eat together.

At the same time, you can speed-date at the HOSI Salzburg. And maybe spontaneously find a companion for the parade?

On Wednesday 30.08., Trixi will once again provide an appropriate haircut at the Social Hair Workshop in the MARK Cultural Centre during the day, as the CSD weekend is just around the corner. You can show off your new cut in the evening at the auditorium cinema at Nonntal University from 7pm. In cooperation with DAS Kino (which is being renovated at this time) and the University of Salzburg, there will be a queer film. Which one it will be has not yet been decided. But seeing how successful the queer film evening has been for quite some time, it will make sense to reserve seats in advance.

Parallel to this, Birgit Leichsenring from the Chemsex Network Vienna will again answer questions about sexual health in an unpretentious and confident manner at the Dark Eagle. Last year, under the theme “High and Horny“, this was a great success. Sexual health is an issue for many. And certainly for many who don’t even know it yet.

On Thursday 31.08. the highlight will be Ralf König‘s show. The well-known comic artist (“Kondom des Grauens”, “Der bewegte Mann”) will give an insight into his world of bulbous noses with an anniversary short story selection (40 years of Ralf König). And in addition, the speech bubbles will chat, squeal and roar into the microphone. We are looking forward to it.

On Friday 1.09. from 6 pm there will be a rainbow market at the HOSI Salzburg. Rainbow paraphernalia to customise your parade participation the other day. Afterwards Gigi LaPajette will again play with her bingo balls and the audience. The scene bars Mexxx and Dark Eagle will of course also be at the start in the evening.

Rainbow for everyone

Also on Friday evening, a Pride Slam is planned from 7 pm, i.e. a classic poetry slam with a queer twist. Since the location for this has not yet been decided (the Salzburg Festival ends the day before), the HOSI Salzburg is still looking for support in this regard. Maybe someone will read this and think of something?

Saturday 2.09. is the day of days: the queer city tour for the CSD starts at 11 am in front of the HOSI Bar. Also from 11 a.m. the vegetarian restaurant Furo in Lasserstraße will again shorten the time until the parade starts with great food, groovy music and a colourful crew. From a stomach point of view, there should be a good basis for such a day.

From 4 p.m. onwards, the parade will line up in front of Salzburg’s main train station, where the procession will start at 5 p.m. and arrive at Nonntal University around 7 p.m., probably following the same route as last year. After the final rally, there will be a Pride Night with two dance floors like last year. DJ K-Paxian will rock the basement at the fetish clubbing like last year. A drag show like last year and hopefully a lot of good-humoured people of all sexes and preferences will make the ARGE Kultur shake. The afterparties will be at the Mexxx Gaybar and the Dark Eagle.

On Sunday 3.09. the team from Café am Kai will once again serve breakfast in the Beachgarten on the Salzach – extra long, while the organising team will clean up the traces of the previous day with the slogan “‘s Schatzi räumt auf”. This time, hopefully, without any subsequent bills.

In addition to this programme, there will be other events whose framework conditions have not yet been determined. These include cooperations with the Museum der Moderne Salzburg, two galleries with queer art, the Salzburg State Theatre and the Catholic Church. The Magic Garage may perform at the Narrencastl and several other acts are still waiting to be confirmed.

Building bridges to urban society

“Prideweek builds bridges between the community and Salzburg’s urban society,” says Conny Felice in an interview. All in all, this year’s CSD promises to be a Pride festival in a class of its own. Happy Pride 🌈🌈🌈

Salzburg Pride Festival: 27.08. – 3.09.2023 All of the above dates are subject to change. This post will be updated as new information becomes available. Or see the Salzburg Queer Update. Further information at salzburgpride.at.

Published 2. May 2023Updated 1. June 2023
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