Photo: HOSI Salzburg

Visibility of the Rainbow

Next weekend (4.-6.09.) Salzburg celebrates Gay Pride.

For centuries, homosexual people were discriminated against, persecuted, murdered – for being who they were. It was not so long ago that same-sex love was criminalized – also in Austria. And even today, there is still a lot of fear and insecurity in people’s minds when they come into contact with lifestyles that deviate from the heterosexual norm. Examples of vandalism and homophobic physical assaults – the result of this mindset – can be found in Austria in recent times in large numbers. Be it in Graz, Klagenfurt and also in Salzburg.

The rainbow bench on the Rosenhügel in Mirabellpark, which was recently erected with the support of Salzburg city councilwomen, became the victim of vandalism a short time later.

All the more important is the visibility of the rainbow as a synonym for the diversity of gender identity. Thus, next weekend (5.09.) the Salzburg Pride parade Salzburg will draw attention to social grievances in the acceptance of sexual lifestyles that deviate from the norm.

Encouraging signs

But there are also encouraging signs. For example, a sign at the entrance to the Rooftop Bar of the arte Hotel Salzburg on the 14th floor (see following picture). And of course the support of city and municipal councils of the city of Salzburg for the Gay Pride.

The special thing about this year’s Pride parade: it ends at the Alter Markt, where the final rally will take place. After many years in which the Pride parade always ended at the ARGEkultur in the Nonntal quasi under exclusion of the public, this year the Residence, the Cathedral and the view up to the Hohensalzburg Fortress will be the backdrop for the presence of the rainbow over Salzburg. A beautiful sign!

Alter Markt in Salzburg, formerly the Ludwig-Viktor-Platz. Photo: Tourism Salzburg

Another peculiarity: The Old Market was called Ludwig-Viktor-Platz from 1866-1927, named after the youngest brother of Habsburg Emperor Franz-Josef I. Ludwig Viktor was banished to Salzburg in 1864 because of his homosexuality and his indecent behavior at the court in Vienna. In 2020, the final rally of this year’s CSD will take place on this square. Also a nice sign!

Those who want to buy rainbow accessories (e.g. a rainbow mask) will have the opportunity to do so at the Rainbow Market of HOSI Salzburg on Friday from 6 p.m. in front of HOSI at Gabelsbergstraße 26 and on Saturday from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. before the Pride parade starts at the main train station. The proceeds will benefit HOSI Salzburg, which has suffered considerable financial losses in this Corona-ridden year.

See you this weekend at the Salzburg Pride!

Published 3. September 2020Updated 4. June 2023