Will the mask requirement be relaxed?

The Salzburger Nachrichten announces for tomorrow (29.05.) a statement of the Austrian government on the probable relaxation of the mask obligation. According to this, among other things, the question “Will the mask requirement be relaxed?”, For example, when entering and leaving pubs and restaurants. And tomorrow is also the day when hotels will reopen, some at least.

Markus Hann, Managing Director of IPP Hotels, to which the arte Hotel Salzburg, which opened just under a year ago, belongs, says “it doesn’t help to bury our heads in the sand. Let’s make the best of the situation”. And so the arte Hotel reopens tomorrow. After all, there is already demand, albeit at a low level, says Markus Hann. The Imlauer Hotel and the Star Inn Gablerbräu also reopen tomorrow, at least partially. And without breakfast. But it’s a start. The motto at the arte Hotel is the “3S promise”: “Safety, cleanliness and fulfilling desires”. With all the necessary distance and hygiene rules, the arte Hotel wants to make it possible to visit places of longing after meager weeks of abstinence from travel. And Salzburg is undoubtedly one of them. With or without a mask.

“You can’t really say anything, every day there are new regulations” says Wolfgang, boss of the Dark Eagle. The Dark Eagle locks up again on June 2 from 6 pm. Yesterday, mouth and nose protection was mandatory when entering and leaving a pub, today it only applies to entering. Why? No idea. “That’s when you really start to rotate,” says Wolfgang.

So we are waiting with bated breath to see what relaxations the government in Vienna will announce tomorrow. But for the hotel and restaurant industry in Salzburg, the decisive factor is when the border with Germany will reopen for tourist traffic. Switzerland has already set June 15. Mask or no mask.

Published 28. May 2020Updated 4. June 2023