Hans-Peter Porsche Traumwerk

Photo: Peter Goebel

The Hans-Peter Porsche Traumwerk shows the extensive toy collection of Hans-Peter Porsche, which was created over decades. The special feature: The building was designed and built precisely for this purpose. Thus, vehicles, airplanes, ships enter into an inspiring connection with the entire space for the viewer.

The exhibition is primarily a reference to Porsche’s history as an iconic sports car manufacturer, honored in numerous exhibits from 1922 to 2019. Until mid-April, the special exhibition “50 Years of Porsche 917 at Le Mans” ran with models, posters and original vehicles. With the Porsche 917, the dream factory revived five decades of racing history – in all its exciting facets.

Europe’s largest private collection of tin toys open to the public includes approximately 2,100 exhibits dating from 1850 to 1930, many of which are rarities, all fully functional.

The model railroad shows landscapes of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, through which 190 model trains of Deutsche Bahn, ÖBB and SBB run on a good 2.7 kilometers.

The Traumwerk is an experience exhibition and a total work of art in Anger near Bad Reichenhall, about 30-45 minutes from Salzburg. On the way back, a detour to the Rupertustherme in Bad Reichenhall can be entertaining. The Hans-Peter Porsche Traumwerk has already been open again since May 12 after the corona-related interruption.

Hans-Peter Porsche Traumwerk, Zum Traumwerk 1, 83454 Anger www.traumwerk.de

Published 26. June 2021Updated 16. April 2022
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