Hellbrunn Palace

Hellbrunn Palace is one of the top sights in Salzburg.

The extensive complex on the southern outskirts of Salzburg was built between 1612 and 1615 under Archbishop Markus Sittikus. To this day, this complex is one of the most magnificent Renaissance buildings north of the Alps. At the water games, visitors can experience in almost unchanged form what so delighted the archbishops almost 400 years ago: mysterious, mystical grottos, water-powered figure games and treacherous splash fountains at every turn – unique worldwide in form and variety. But above all, visitors can expect a refreshing treat! It splashes from all nozzles and pipes, it splashes, it runs and sometimes it even makes you wet. Moments of surprise are guaranteed! Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

The Unexpected World of Markus Sittikus

There is a lot to experience at the interactive permanent exhibition “SchauLust – The Unexpected World of Markus Sittikus” at Hellbrunn Palace. For example, the villa outside the city with a model of Hellbrunn based on an engraving from 1630. Or the multimedia installation on the carnival of 1618, the music room with the sheet music from the opera L’Orfeo by Monteverdi and the interactive revolving sofa as well as the replica of a historical globe from 1613. Also the room of transience and the larger-than-life unicorn. The unexpected awaits you! The unique flair of Hellbrunn combines joie de vivre, entertainment, refinement and curiosity. Here you can relax, stroll and enjoy.

Daily from 28 March to 1 November 2020


Published 25. June 2021 • Updated 6. April 2023

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