One of the most beautiful corners of Europe

Salzburg lies in beautiful surroundings at the foot of the Alps. Not only the city but also numerous surrounding towns offer great attractions. From the Eisriesenwelt to the Fahrtraum in Mattsee, the Gasteiner Tal or the Salzwelten, Hellbrunn Castle to the Lokwelt Freilassing. Salzburg is so diverse!

Tourismus Salzburg has now announced an overview also of the reopenings of excursion destinations in and around Salzburg. Salzburg, with its historical and cultural significance, is situated in a uniquely picturesque landscape. At the foot of the Alpine massif with magnificent views of the mountains and surrounded by a lake landscape that is second to none. “One of the most beautiful corners of Europe” as Karl Lagerfeld said. It is home to many worthwhile excursion destinations.

Sparkling pleasure

For over 400 years, the Hellbrunn Waterworks have been thrilling visitors from all over the world. Prince Archbishop Markus Sittikus once had the complex built to amaze, entertain and, yes, even fool his guests. For the water games have a few surprises in store for their visitors. Water sprays from all the pipes and nozzles in the grottos and squares of the extensive palace park. Hellbrunn Palace is located in the city of Salzburg and can be reached by bus 25 from the main railway station in 22 minutes. Hellbrunn Palace

Picnic on the meadow

Gut Aiderbichl in Henndorf (bus 130) is a sanctuary for animals. The philosophy behind it: Rescuing animals from emergency situations and enabling them to live on in dignity. The estate invites visitors 365 days a year to a new experience in the interaction between humans and animals. Recently, also on a spacious picnic meadow with gastronomic offers – both for picnics and in the inner courtyard. And everything at eye level in the midst of the many, free-roaming, rescued animals. Gut Aiderbichl

The history of mobility

Mattsee is one of the three Trumer lakes, 18 kilometres north of Salzburg (bus 120). Mattsee is home to the Ferdinand Porsche Erlebniswelten fahr(T)raum – in a former shoe factory that is now being extended with an annex. The 500 m² of additional space will be dedicated to the theme of “Austro Daimler”. Austro Daimler was an Austrian car manufacturer 100 years ago. From around the beginning of July, the new hall will document the versatility of Ferdinand Porsche, who was involved with everything to do with engines, including Austro Daimler. fahr(T)raum

Around Salzburg there are numerous excursion destinations worth visiting. The Salt Worlds and the Celtic Museum in Hallein, for example. Here, 5,000 years of history come to life and you understand where the basis for Salzburg’s prosperity lay – in salt production. Or the Wolfgangsee boat trip, past the world-famous White Horse Inn on Lake Wolfgang. The Grossglockner High Alpine Road or the Eisriesenwelt in Werfen.

You don’t need a car in Salzburg. The local transport system from Salzburg main station makes all the destinations mentioned easy and stress-free to reach. Just the way a holiday should be.

More excursion destinations around Salzburg

Published 20. May 2020Updated 25. June 2023

Hotel Hofwirt Salzburg

Also interesting!

Salzwelten Salzburg

More than 2000 years ago, salt was the basis for the prosperity of the Salzburg region and the motor of economic and thus also political and cultural development. The Salzburg Salt Worlds on the Dürrnberg near Hallein are an educational excursion destination in beautiful scenic surroundings. [Read more]

Idyll at the lake

18 km north of Salzburg lies Mattsee, a town in the Salzburg Lake District – ideal for relaxing away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Mattsee is also home to the driving museum. This museum pays tribute to Ferdinand Porsche, who set milestones in automobile construction at the beginning of the century, with Porsche tractors and ultimately as the father of the VW Beetle. [Read more]

Railway history – up close and personal!

In the Lokwelt Freilassing, the German border town to Salzburg, the history of the railway in the region and beyond is told in a fascinating way in a round engine shed that is over 100 years old. The focus is on the history of electric locomotives. Railway fans will get their money's worth in this time capsule. [Read more]