Salzwelten Salzburg

More than 2000 years ago, salt was the basis for the prosperity of the Salzburg region and the motor of economic and thus also political and cultural development. The Salzburg Salt Worlds on the Dürrnberg near Hallein are an educational excursion destination in beautiful scenic surroundings.

“Everything new!” is the motto at the Salzwelten Salzburg on the Dürrnberg. In addition to the new reception area, there is now an interactive time travel through the cycle of salt: an impressive insight into the world of modern salt production. After a speedy ride on the mine train, the gates open underground to four eras of salt mining – from today’s mining to the golden Baroque, on to the dark Middle Ages and back to Celtic times. And along the way, you pass the only underground state border between Austria and Germany and whiz down two miners’ slides deeper and deeper. An adventurous journey!

The Celtic Museum in Hallein is one of the largest and most important museums on Celtic history in Europe. Here, salt extraction and processing are presented from prehistoric mining by the Celts, who lived here as early as 600 years before Christ, to medieval brine technology and the discontinuation of the modern saltworks in the 20th century. In the former saltworks building from the 17th century, three original princely rooms from 1756 are also presented, as well as the oldest series of pictures of the historical salt industry.

In addition, the listed old town of Hallein not only invites you to visit the “Silent Night Museum”, but also to do some varied shopping in the numerous small specialist and craft shops.

Published 1. March 2020Updated 25. June 2023

Hyperion im Andräviertel

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