Salzburg welcome: Salzburg is conveniently located in western Austria on the border with Germany. Many European airlines fly to the airport, which is close to the city. By train, you can get from Munich to the Salzach River quickly and easily. And you don’t need a car in Salzburg. You can get everywhere easily on foot, by bike or with the Salzburg public transport system.

Salzburg Queer Update

17.10.2021 On 31 October, it will be spooky-beautiful at the HOSI Salzburg. The Junge HOSI organises the slightly morbid Halloween party. With a lot of love for detail, a spooky ambience will be created in the HOSI centre on Gabelsberger Straße. Read more about it under Queer Halloween.
11.10.2021 From 22 to 25 November, the HOSI Salzburg will be represented with a punch stand at the Christmas market at the Alter Markt. In addition to punch, there will be all kinds of Advent food and of course a cosy atmosphere in the medieval flair of the old town. [Read more]

Salzburger Landestheater Speilzeit 2021/22
Christian Lillinger at Jazz&The City Salzburg 2021

Autumn is here!

We have just recovered from the extremely successful Salzburg Pride 2021, and autumn is here! Salzburg is also worth a visit in the coming weeks. Jazz festival, tango ballet, winter festival are just three of many events that make the darker season more pleasant. And from 18 November it’s gingerbread and speculoos olé. [Read more]

Salzburg for gays

9 months Salzburg

The new Salzburg Gay Guide went to press yesterday (29.07.). On 68 pages, this edition presents scene highlights and cultural highlights in Salzburg in the next 9 months until April 2022. However the pandemic will develop – Salzburg is worth a trip under almost any circumstances. Read all about it in the new Salzburg Gay Guide. [Read more]

Airport Salzburg loosens up

Austria loosens up

Now that the incidence rates are constantly decreasing, at least on the Central European mainland, a trip to Salzburg can be planned again. Austria has today (22.06.) a nationwide incidence of 11.7, Salzburg 9.7. In Germany the incidence is 8.0. After border closures, registrations [Read more]

Merian-Title Salzburg 2021

No whip cracking!

The monthly Merian issue appeared at the end of January, this time on Salzburg and at the same time the seventh time since 1964 that Merian has focused on Salzburg. No cracking the whip! According to tradition, what sounds like an instruction from an S&M studio was still written around [Read more]

Let’s face November

Unpleasant times! November will live up to its bleak image. In view of rapidly rising infection figures and the upcoming “Lockdown Light”, Corona has now also killed Salzburg’s Christkindlmarkt – like many other markets before it. Salzburg’s mayor Harald Preuner announced the end of the Salzburg Christkindlmarkt in no uncertain [Read more]


“Come, marvel, experience” is the slogan of the Salzachgalerien on the banks of the Salzach between Markartsteg and Müllner Steg. Indeed, one is reminded of the atmosphere of the art market on the Seine in Paris, which the Salzachgalerien took as a model 20 years ago. Today, the art bazaar [Read more]


Long Night of Diversity is canceled

The Long Night of Diversity was cancelled yesterday evening (15.09.) by HOSI Salzburg – unfortunately. The development of the Corona pandemic leaves no other option. The Austrian government has tightened the Corona-related restrictions in many areas of life, including of course for the gastronomy. Thus bar staff must [Read more]

That was the Salzburg Pride 2020

Gay Pride: The CSD in Salzburg has taken place as one of the very few Pride events on 5.09.2020. A success for the visibility of the rainbow in Salzburg.
For this year’s CSD Salzburg there were about 15 sash wearers of the European Leather-  [Read more]

„Let’s get Loud“ – Salzburg Pride

On the 1st weekend of September (4 to 6.09.) the Salzburg scene celebrates the Salzburg Pride under the motto “Let’s get Loud“. A special date in several respects. For example, the organizing HOSI Salzburg is 40 years old this year and is coming up with a premiere for its birthday. [Read more]


Salzburg in autumn

When Corona threw itself into the spokes of our lives at the beginning of March, the summer edition of the Salzburg Gay Guide was about to go to press – Corona stopped production from now on. But life goes on. And so there is now a – albeit somewhat reduced [Read more]

Rediscover Salzburg

The opening of the border between Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein has recently been finalized, as the Salzburger Nachrichten reported yesterday (3.06.). From 15 June, i.e. in just under two weeks, tourist border traffic with Austria will also be possible again. This means that nothing more stands in the way [Read more]

Down to earth

The following example may be useful to illustrate the situation we are currently in due to corona. A year ago, at the same time, Salzburg Airport had 100 daily departures to European destinations and beyond on some days, but in the last few months flight operations have come down to earth. [Read more]

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