Salzburg Airport: Minimal operations against a majestic backdrop. Photo: Salzburg Airport

Down to earth

The following example may be useful to illustrate the situation we are currently in due to corona. A year ago, at the same time, Salzburg Airport had 100 daily departures to European destinations and beyond on some days, but in recent months flight operations have come down to earth. Scheduled flights to Corona have just started again – with five weekly connections with easyJet to Düsseldorf. That’s it!

Air traffic in Salzburg down to earth
This is how Salzburg Airport advertised in the Salzburg Gay Guide. Currently, a direct flight to Salzburg is hardly possible.

This will remain the case until 31 May. According to current planning, Istanbul will be added as a destination on 1 June, which should not be so relevant for the users of

Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne? Not yet!

Salzburg Airport was never really closed. Business flights, technical maintenance flights, ambulance flights or other commercial flights were always possible and handled. But it is a start from scratch. Salzburg Airport is currently (23 May) open daily for customer traffic from 8am to 10am and from 3pm to 5pm. Logically, arrivals and departures from/to Düsseldorf are 8.20 am and 3.35 pm. The 2-4 daily connections to Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Frankfurt are a thing of the past for the time being. When we can expect at least one daily connection is still completely open at the moment (23.05.). Just as an opening of the borders on 15.06. is so far only on the schedule. We will see.

Asleep to Salzburg

Salzburg is located in Austria directly on the German border and is also perfectly accessible by train. Either with the ICE to Munich and from there every two hours with the ÖBB Railjet in 1 hour 20 minutes to Salzburg. Or take the ICE towards Vienna via Nuremberg to Linz and from there take the Railjet to Salzburg in just over an hour. The ÖBB Nightjets from Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin to Vienna also pass Linz. A good alternative, tested and found to be good.

After weeks of abstinence from travelling, a change of scenery is urgently needed, so let’s be as patient as possible and see when our paths will lead us back to the places we long for.

Salzburg Airport

Published 27. June 2021Updated 16. April 2022