“This city is full of life!”

On rbb last night (3.12.) there was a report “50 reasons why you have to love Salzburg.” A tourist portrait of the city and province of Salzburg.

Hera Lind, writer and actress lives in Salzburg and sums it up relatively at the beginning of this documentary: “This city is full of life!” Which is undoubtedly true. The editorial team of rbb has compiled 50 reasons why you have to love Salzburg. These subjectively compiled reasons start at number 50 with the Salzburg Festival – full of life. “Salzburg is this cosmopolitan city in summer” as Verena Altenberger, 2021’s Buhlschaft in Jedermann, raves in the trailer for the Salzburg Festival. For six weeks in the summer, the world’s who’s who of opera, drama and concerts meets in Salzburg.

Vivienne Westwood in Salzburg

What follows from 49th place is an entertaining journey through the city of Salzburg and its fairytale surroundings. A visit to the Fürst confectionery on Alter Markt (43rd place), where the Mozartkugel was created in 1890, is among them, as is a visit to the Jahn Markl tannery, which has been producing leather clothing for 600 years. The fact that Emperor Franz-Josef I once paid a personal visit, as did Vivienne Westwood or Karl Lagerfeld some 100 years later, illustrates this long tradition. In this rbb documentary, one encounters this over 1000 year old city history in many different ways. From St. Peter’s Monastery, Salzburg Cathedral, the Hohensalzburg Fortress to the Residenzplatz (“The Rome of the North”), interesting stories trace a wide arc to the present day.

The cone of the stone pine

For example, to the Sporer liqueur and punch factory in Getreidegasse. They offer, among other things, a Swiss stone pine schnapps. It is made from the cones of the Swiss stone pine. They grow above 1500m. The rbb team takes you there as well as to the White Horse Inn on Lake Wolfgang, to Lake Fuschl or to the Salzburg Salt Worlds. There, underground salt production laid the foundation for the city’s current importance on the Salzach 2000 years ago. Finally, in first place is Wolfgang-Amadeus Mozart. The city’s first son left Salzburg in a dispute with the archbishop in 1781. Rolando Villazon, artistic director of the Mozart Week, expresses his love for Mozart’s world in a touching interview full of fervour.

Salzburg is a synthesis of the arts of picturesque landscape, culture and history that you can really fall in love with – just like the author of these lines. So it’s best to sit on the sofa with a good drink and get some inspiration for your next trip. And if Corona allows you to travel again sometime – go there and experience it. Because this city is full of life.

“50 reasons why you have to love Salzburg”. In the rbb media library.

Published 4. December 2021Updated 31. March 2022
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