Kaiviertel Salzburg

Kaiviertelfest 2023

Please note: This event is in the past.

Street festival in the Kaiviertel of Salzburg’s old town with live music, culture and gastronomy

“With a strong focus on local bands, local businesses and a welcome from the students in the new semester. A festival for young and old Salzburgers and guests in Salzburg’s old town,” as the organisers write. Almost 60 programme items over three days. From funk to beatboxer and loop station artist Matej, from church tours to a festive service, from salsa classes to family cinema, the small district of Salzburg’s old town will be vibrating from 29 September to 1 October.

Fri, 29.9.23 - Sun, 1.10.23

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Published 18. Sep 2023Updated 18. September 2023