Oldtimerrennen Salzburg
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Gaisberg Race 2024

Traditional motor race in and around Salzburg – the highlight for classic car enthusiasts

The Gaisberg race is a hill climb in which the participants try to master the winding route up the Gaisberg as quickly as possible. Hill climbs are characterised by their challenging routes, which are often steep and winding, demanding a high level of vehicle control from the drivers and great stamina from the old vehicles.

Oldtimerrennen Salzburg

The name “Gaisbergrennen” is derived from the Gaisberg, a mountain near Salzburg. The race was first held in 1929 and has had a long tradition ever since. A special feature of this race is that, for the past 20 years, only historically and sportingly significant vehicles have qualified for the race. All historically significant vehicles, open and closed, single and two-seater touring, sports and racing cars built up to 31 December 1969 are eligible. In addition, historically or sportingly significant vehicles built up to 31 December 1979 are also permitted.

Oldtimerrennen Salzburg

A classic car fan’s heart may well leap for joy. Click here for details, the programme and the race track.

Thu, 30.5.24 - Sat, 1.6.24

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Published 17. Jan 2024Updated 17. January 2024
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