Separated United

“Separately United – Interlude at the Theatre” is the name of the Salzburg Landestheater’s interruption of the season due to the Corona crisis. All performances are cancelled at least until 13.04.2020. Until the season can continue, the SLT is presenting a mix of the most diverse artistic approaches and forms of expression in the crisis.

Peaceful relaxation

Stay at home can be an expression of peaceful relaxation. At the moment it is more of a call that can drive you mad. Ballet director Reginaldo Oliveira has found expressive movements for it with his dancers and presents them in a video.

Home what?

At the moment, you can write the word home in front of everything you do. Home office, homeplaying, homesitting, homeworking, etc. Videos from the home what? show how some actors and actresses from the Salzburg Landestheater put this into practice.

With “Separately United”, the Salzburg Landestheater offers creative perspectives and explorations of the crisis. Chansons, readings, reminiscences of past seasons and other examples of artistic engagement may help to bridge this unreal time Separately United.

The Salzburg Landestheater after the Corona Crisis

Published 27. June 2021Updated 29. April 2023

Idyll und Verbrechen Dokumentation Obersalzberg