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Infotalk on sexually transmitted diseases

For Prideweek 2022, Birgit Leichsenring from the Chem Network Vienna together with internist Dr. Michael Meilinger from Vienna knowledgeably, whimsically and unpretentiously answered and classified questions about sexually transmitted diseases and drug use. “…I discovered on the one hand my scientific soft spot for retroviruses and thus for HIV, but on the other hand also the fun of a rather relaxed communication style. I still live both with enthusiasm,” says microbiologist with a focus on virology Birgit Leichsenring on her website. And that’s how it came across last year.

This year, during Prideweek, there will again be an info talk “Que(e)r through all STIs” (sexually transmitted diseases). Those who have not yet become acquainted with this topic can start at Prideweek Salzburg 2023. Orientation does not hurt. Open to all. Admission free! Powered by LMC Salzburg

Wed, 30.8.23 | 19:30 Uhr

Dark Eagle
Paracelsustraße 11
5020 Salzburg
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Published 11. Jul 2023Updated 22. July 2023

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