Gigi goes Wellness

The crisis drags on, an end is unfortunately not yet really in sight. And now Easter is just around the corner. Time to relax – if you can. That’s why it might make sense to join Gigi LaPajette on Sunday evening for her wellness lesson Gigi goes Wellness on Facebook.

Gigi will certainly give us a few flippant tips on how we can massage ourselves, for example. Or the roommate? She will probably introduce us to utensils that relieve tension. And the imagination knows no bounds. And what else Gigi has up her sleeve, we will see on Sunday evening from 9 pm. Perhaps over a glass of eggnog? Or better yet, a whole bottle?

And here is a greeting from Gigi to all users, combined with an unmistakable request: Stay at home! Otherwise there’s something on the nuts – from Aunt Gigi!

Sunday, 5.04.2020, 9 pm on Facebook: Gigi goes Wellness

Published 26. June 2021Updated 29. April 2023
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