Salzburg has a well-established and active LGBTI scene. Regular parties like the HOSI-Fest, the Salzburg Pride, the Pride Boat and many other events are highlights of the scene’s annual calendar. And the scene bars are of course there all year round for locals and guests from all over the world. That is queer Salzburg.

Salzburg Queer Update

30.09.2022 October is just around the corner and awaits with many queer events. Queer history and drag Oktoberfest, ladies night and fetish night. The first of three underwear parties at the Dark Eagle or a new performance by the Magic Garage. And then there are two planned Halloween parties – in short: if you’re coming to Salzburg in October or planning a trip to Salzburg, you should take a look at the city’s queer events calendar. There’s bound to be something suitable. [Read more]

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Jazz and the City Salzburg 2022
Gay Wiesn Salzburg

Queer city tour and Gay Octoberfest

No sooner is the most successful Salzburg Pride ever history than Gigi La Pajette launches a new format on 1 October. “Gigi’s Rosa Stadl”, a gay festival in Salzburg. Together with the Queer City Tour, also taking place on 1 October, there are two queer events at the beginning of October that make a trip to the beautiful city on the Salzach worthwhile. [Read more]

Sex and health

High and horny

Chemsex, prep, sexually transmitted diseases and much more were topics at the lecture last night at the Dark Eagle in Salzburg. As part of Pride Week Salzburg, two experts from the Chemsex Network Vienna were guests and explained facts and figures on the topic in a very entertaining way. It was an informative evening with an intensive discussion afterwards and a considerable gain in knowledge. [Read more]

Salzburg Pride 2022

Salzburg gets in the mood for Pride

The press conference on the Salzburg Pride at the arte Hotel Salzburg succeeded in convincingly integrating queer lifeworlds into the reality of the human rights city of Salzburg. The press (TV, print, online) came in large numbers and questions were asked for discussion, which revealed some interesting points of view. [Read more]

Queer June in Salzburg

Queer June in Salzburg

After May with the Long Night of Diversity and Showtime of the Magic Garage, June adds another layer of queer events. With party, theatre, fetish and history. June is Pride Month worldwide, after all Stonewall was in June. More and more institutions are taking this into account with their own events on queer topics. [Read more]


That was the Salzburg Pride 2022

A Pride Week with mostly very well-attended events on queer topics in the city, a pride parade with more participants than ever before and a brilliant Pride Night at the ARGEkultur – with an exceptional drag show and a brilliant DJ set-up in the basement. Happy people, and lots of them: That was the Salzburg Pride 2022. [Read more]

Pride Week Salzburg

This will be the Salzburg Pride 2022

This year, Pride Weekend Salzburg will become Pride Week Salzburg. A week full of programmes for the visibility of the rainbow in the city on the Salzach. From 29 August to 4 September, Salzburg will once again be under the sign of the rainbow. The programme is out now. An ambitious week of queer culture. [Read more]

Great happening in Lehen

Great happening in Lehen

The Magic Garage on Friday and Saturday evening (20.+21.05.) became a happening of a well-mannered Magic Garage crew and a colourful audience. The Magic Garage is Salzburg’s new drag show and a cabaret format that sets a new colour in queer Salzburg. [Read more]

Gigi LaPajette

Countdown to the Long Night of Diversity

After the vernissage and the crime dinner, Gigi LaPajette will be in Salzburg from Wednesday to make the final preparations for the Long Night of Diversity, the next queer highlight in the city of Mozart. In addition to games of all kinds, this time there will also be a colourful cabaret programme in all four participating shops until early Sunday morning. [Read more]

Gay Salzburg

That was the Long Night of Diversity 2022

The Long Night of Diversity on Saturday (14.05.) in Salzburg’s trendy shops was great fun and brought life back to Corona. And so we are now looking forward to a summer of carefree queer events. And there are plenty of them – Salzburg is full of them if you look closely. [Read more]

narrencastl salzburg

The “Magic Garage” is Salzburg’s new drag show

A new colour in Salzburg’s queer life – the Magic Garage. In a neighbourhood café in Salzburg Lehen, four young people have been attracting attention with their costume and cabaret show for about half a year. Ryder Goodenheart and his colleagues enrich the queer lifestyle in the city on the Salzach with their shows. [Read more]

HOSI Salzburg

The murderer is almost always the gardener

Today, for once, it wasn’t the gardener, even though he played an alibi-bearing role in Gigi LaPajette’s crime dinner at the Living Room. Salzburg’s drag queen brought a new colour to queer life in Salzburg with this event. A surprising event with a great fun factor. [Read more]

A different kind of city tour

Bishop Arn, Archduke Ludwig Viktor and the explorer Alexander von Humboldt lived in Salzburg, were queer and have left their mark on the beautiful city on the Salzach to this day. The queer city tour with Roman Forisch, which will take place on three fixed dates this summer, will explore these traces. [Read more]

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