Salzburg Queer Update

21.04.2022 The vernissage of Elfriede Pöttgen and her photo book campaign “ICH” tonight at the Living Room was a complete success – there is no other way to describe it. About 250 guests attended the presentation of the portrait photography of about 60 protagonists of the LGBT scene in Salzburg. In a hitherto virgin location for the queer scene in Salzburg, the Living Room. This was also a complete success. The Salzburg press was present, the Salzburger Nachrichten had announced this event attentively. Proof of the integrative function that the HOSI Salzburg performs for queer lifestyles in the city of Mozart.
Tomorrow, on 22 April, there will be a queer party with Djane Petra Pan at the same location. She had to go home early today because she still has to work for tomorrow night. And on Saturday, 23.04. there will be a showdown of Austrian drag queens at the Crime Dinner. Where? In the Living Room, of course, which will experience its queer baptism of fire this weekend. What happens next? More tomorrow.

14.04.2022 Now I wish all users of a happy Easter. After that, things will continue exciting in Salzburg. Next Thursday evening (21.04.) Elfriede Pöttgen will present the photo book project “ICH” in a vernissage. 50 people who, through their way of living and loving, are faces of the LGBT scene in the public space of the city of Salzburg. These artistic portraits are documented in a photo book. The HOSI Salzburg takes this presentation as an opportunity to organise a whole transgressive weekend in Salzburg. On Friday evening Petra Pan will play at the Queer Party. And on Saturday evening, at the invitation of Gigi LaPajette, there will be a theatrical showdown of the Austrian drag scene. At the crime dinner, the participants are part of a theatre performance, accompanied by a 3-course menu. The evening is already sold out. Around 10.05. the new Salzburg Gay Guide will be released, available in the Bruno Stores in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich as well as on order in the brochure dispatch of Tourismus Salzburg. On 14.05. Gigi LaPajette launches the Long Night of Diversity. And then on 4.06. the next HOSI festival. But more about that later. On Tuesday, the plane leaves Amsterdam for Salzburg and I’m looking forward to Salzburg at it’s best. And before that: Happy Easter!

01.04.2022 April is the first whole month without Corona restrictions and kicks off with many queer events in Salzburg.

Queer Spring Awakening

Today (1.04.) Astrid and Doris are once again expecting women from Salzburg and the surrounding area to attend Ladies Night at the HOSI Bar. Petra Pan will be spinning at Steinlechner this evening, and ballet director Reginaldo Oliveira will be presenting “Lili – The Danish Girl” at the Salzburg Landestheater. In this piece, Oliveira approaches the question of gender using the example of a pioneer of the transgender movement, Lili Elbe. The play will be performed again on 6 May.

Tomorrow, Saturday 2 April, “Madalena” will be shown in “Das Kino” as part of the 14th Latin America Film Festival. The film portrays a generation in Brazil that has to find its way between monocultures, social upheavals, lack of empathy, exploitation of nature and discrimination. The film will also be shown on 8 April at 4 pm and on 10 April at 8 pm.

Friday, 15.04. Gernot and Herwig invite you to the fetish evening “LMC Salzburg goes fetish” at the HOSI Bar. The evening will end at the Dark Eagle.

On Thursday, 21 April, there will be the long-awaited vernissage with the photos that Elfriede Pöttgen took last summer together with her assistant Elias Bornemann. 50 portraits of Salzburgers who are also the face of queer Salzburg. Some of the protagonists will be present at the vernissage in the Livingroom. Petra Pan will be spinning at the Queer Party at the same location on Friday, 22 April. Those who have experienced Petra before can look forward to it. And on Saturday 23 April there will be a rendezvous of Austrian drag queens at the crime dinner, also in the Livingroom. Hostess Gigi LaPajette will lead through the evening with improv theatre in which the guests are the actors and a 3-course menu. We are looking forward to it.

And in May, the Long Night of Diversity continues with a bang. That’s a good way to start life after Corona. See you in Salzburg 😀

05.03.2022 “No general curfew, opening of night catering, no upper limits for persons and consumption allowed at events”: These are the most important relaxations according to Corona for the catering industry, which apply from today, Saturday 5.03.

So from tonight, after a long period of closure, Wolfgang is back at work in the Dark Eagle. New – for a start – is a bar opening on Wednesdays to Saturdays. Admission to the cellar still costs one soft drink. There is a discount for multiple entries (10 for 9).

The Mexxx also returns to its old opening hours, seven days a week.

And so it looks like the return to life before Corona. Let’s look forward to the queer highlights of the next few months: Vernisssage, Queer Party and Crime Dinner from 21 to 23 April, the Long Night of Diversity on 14 May and the HOSI Festival on 4 June. Things are already off to a good start in Salzburg.

Published 5. August 2020Updated 23. June 2022

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