Salzburg Queer Update

31.08.2021 Gigi LaPajette apparently took note of the programme for this year’s CSD Salzburg for the first time yesterday and almost got wet. And yes, the programme for CSD Salzburg 2021 is impressive. Love is in the Air!

30.08.2021 Ticket sales for Salzburg Pride 2021 are on. The fetish parties on Friday and Saturday at Dark Eagle ( are already sold out. Further registrations will go on the waiting list. The queer city tour ( is almost fully booked. Here, too, it makes sense to act quickly. The maximum number of participants is 25. Tickets are still available for the Pride Night ( You should also think about the brunch at the Café am Kai ( now and not next Saturday. So: a little planning in the form of an e-mail can’t hurt.

28.08.2021 The weather forecast for the Salzburg Pride weekend could not be better. High Gaya will prevail from the middle of next week and in all likelihood will bring us imperial weather for the Pride weekend. That’s perfect 😎😎😎


26.08.2021 The Queer City Tour with Roman Forisch starts on CSD Saturday (4 September) at 12 noon. The meeting point is in front of the HOSI in Gabelsberger Straße 26. Several interested people have already registered. So it makes sense not to wait too long to book a place on the tour through 1200 years of queer history in the city of Salzburg. Registration

24.08.2021 Here is another update on the current Corona regulations in Austria. Since 22 July, the 3-G rule, i.e. proven vaccinated (Geimpft), recovered (Genesen) or tested (Getestet), has applied in most areas of life. This includes gastronomy (cafés and restaurants), body-related services, hotels and accommodation, coaches and excursion boats. In night catering, however, the 2G rule applies, which Hamburg, for example, now also wants to introduce as the first German state. The 2G rule states that only people who have been vaccinated or who have a PCR test are allowed to enter. The PCR test is a bit more complicated and the result takes up to 24 hours. You should plan for this if you want to be at the CSD parties at Mexxx or Dark Eagle or at the Pride Night at ARGEkultur. A PCR test is also possible in Salzburg’s test streets, for example in the Kongresshaus or at Mozartplatz.

In Austria, by the way, you are immunised with the second vaccination. Unlike in Germany, where after the second vaccination, another 14 days must pass before the immunisation is valid. A staff member at the congress centre: “The second stitch counts”. Then, at most, one should think about the possible time limit when returning to one’s home country. And under the given circumstances, look forward to a great Pride weekend in Salzburg.

23.08.2021 On Friday after next (3.09.) Gigi LaPajette will open this year’s Salzburg Pride. She will host “Bingo with Aunt Gigi” and play with the balls in her well-known flippant way. Welcome to Salzburg Pride 2021.

22.08.2021 I see from the Google Analytics figures that the Salzburg Pride in less than 2 weeks will once again be a cometogehter of a colourful scene of however LGBT-affine people of all colours. I am very much looking forward to it. Tomorrow or the day after, Gigi LaPejette will be inviting us to the opening of Salzburg Pride on 3 September in the evening at the HOSI Salzburg. And we will see how the countdown for the CSD Salzburg 2021 goes. See you soon at Salzburg!

Published 5. August 2020Updated 23. June 2022

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