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Salzburg Queer Update

27.11.2023 November is coming to an end, but still offers an event worth seeing with the film The Blue of the Kaftan (Tuesday 28.11. 19.30 in DAS Kino). As part of the queer film evening, this time it’s about love, homosexuality and saying goodbye in a kaftan tailor’s shop in Morocco. The film can be worthwhile if only because of the local dirty weather.

On 1 December (World Aids Day), a month full of events for queer people from a queer and cultural perspective begins in Salzburg. Musical premieres, HOSI Festival, Christmas baking, Pink Christmas Party and much more. So every weekend until Christmas is a worthwhile trip to the city of Mozart. Click here for an overview.

2.11.2023 November usually comes across as rather dull.But that doesn’t have to be the case.A look at Salzburg’s queer diary reveals that Gigi LaPajette will be brunching with her Austrian drag queens at the arte Hotel next Sunday (5.11., 11 am). This was a great success at the opening of this year’s Salzburg Pride. The following Saturday, Gigi will be travelling to Graz with her Rosa Stadl. There will be a new edition of the Salzburg Oktoberfest in the Marienkeller on 11.11.. If you want to see Gigi the weekend after next, you should go to Graz.

From Saturday (4.11.) until 3.12., Aida will be performed eight times as an opera production by the Salzburg State Theatre at the Felsenreitschule. The SLT writes: “Music director Leslie Suganandarajah conducts Andreas Gergen’s production of “Aida” on one of the most impressive theatre stages in the world: the Felsenreitschule. Andreas Gergen, who was opera director at the Salzburg State Theatre until 2017, is an expert in monumental music theatre productions and has already staged “Carmen” and “Hair” at the Felsenreitschule.”

On 19.11., it’s Sexy Sunday Afternoon again at Wolfgang’s Dark Eagle. The only gay sex party in Salzburg. And on 28.11., Das Kino will be showing Das Blau des Kaftans as part of the queer film evening. A story about love, homosexuality and saying goodbye in a caftan tailor’s shop at a Moroccan market. And then the Christmas market season begins. But more about that later.

20.09.2023 The makers of CSD Salzburg 2023 are still recovering from an organisational masterstroke at this year’s Prideweek. But cultural and queer Salzburg is moving into autumn with undiminished intensity. The Kaiviertel is a part of Salzburg’s old town that is a little off the beaten track and perhaps therefore particularly charming. Next weekend (29.09. to 1.10.) the Kaiviertel celebrates its Kaiviertelfest with a great programme. Almost 60 acts over three days will make this part of Salzburg’s old town vibrate.

Yesterday the HOSI Salzburg announced the remaining 3 dates for this year for the Queer Film Evening. An interesting mix of trans identity, big feelings and thriller.

Gigi LaPajette will re-launch her Rosa Stadl with Oktoberfest at Urbankeller in autumn (21.10.). And “Gigi’s Brunching Divas” will invite you to breakfast at the arte Hotel on 5.11. and 21.01.24 and follow up on the inspiring setting for the Prideweek opening in 2023.

The Sexy Sunday Afternoon will continue from October. The next opportunity for a relaxed Sunday afternoon is 15 Oct. And after that on 19.11. And probably on 17.12.

Halloween is coming up at the end of October. The Magic Garage will use the occasion for a performance. More about that soon here. And the Salzburg Culture Days, Jazz&The City and many other festivals make Salzburg a great destination even after CSD and the Festival. All events in the Upcoming Events and Art&Festivals calendar.

30.08.2023 The Pride Festival Salzburg has been in full swing since Sunday. At Gigi’s Brunching Divas, at the queer pub quiz and at the Pride Night Kitchen Club, Peter has so far been ungracious and brought rain galore. But now the clouds are slowly disappearing and the sun is tentatively reappearing.

According to the forecast, the Pride parade can then parade through the streets of Salzburg on Saturday in the most beautiful summer weather and send a powerful signal for the acceptance of diverse lifestyles in the city of Mozart. This is already apparent, as most of the more than 30 Pride events are sold out.

18.08.2023 Today, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz was in Salzburg for an exchange with Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer. However, unlike originally planned, there was not enough time for a visit to the Salzburg Festival. But in a fortnight there will be enough time for a visit by a high-ranking representative of the Austrian party landscape at the closing rally of the Pride parade on 2 September as a surprise guest. One week before, Gigi LaPajette will open this year’s Salzburg Pridefestival. Gigi’s Brunching Divas will kick off a week of queer events at the arte Hotel Salzburg, culminating in the Pride Parade and Pride Night on 2 September – the Salzburg Pride Festival 2023.

22.07.2023 “The Salzburg Festival acts like a magnet. Artistically, socially, economically, politically, touristically. The Swedish royal couple, the German Chancellor, the President of Moldova, half the EU Commission headed by Ursula von der Leyen, the Federal President, almost the entire government and many others enjoy the unique mixture of the highest artistic pleasure, urban and scenic beauty, the best gastronomy and good encounters. Salzburg becomes the centre of attention during these weeks,” says the Salzburger Nachrichten in its SN-Plus newsletter of 21.07. According to the Salzburger Nachrichten, this year’s Jedermann premiere is not without controversy. Exciting!

At the end of this year’s festival, Salzburg Pride will start on 27 August. More than 30 events on 8 days let Salzburg stand under the rainbow of the diversity of lifestyles. Here‘s the event overview.

07.07.2023 Summer is finally here and Salzburg is full of events – also for queer people. Under the title “Creativity Diversity“, the city of Salzburg is organising literary walks on three days next week. On 12 and 13.07 at 6pm and on 14.07 at 2pm, interested people will meet at the HOSI Salzburg. “HOSI Salzburg”‘s new quarters, learn more about “Team Vielfalt” in Mirabell Palace and arrive at Luisa Thies’ “Buchgalerie wechselseitig”. The hosts talk about their work, the actress Dorit Ehlers reads texts, and the literary scholar Christa Gürtler introduces the authors of the texts she has selected. At the end, there will be refreshments and an opportunity for exchange,” say the organisers. Registration

The next queer city tour with Roman Forisch is scheduled for Saturday 15 July. On Friday, 21 July, Gernot and Herwig invite you to another fetish evening at the HOSI Salzburg. And on 22 and 23 July the city celebrates the festival opening – an opulent programme with a cross-section of what the Salzburg Festival has to offer.

30.05.2023 “The colourful month of June creates space for solidarity, activism and the ongoing struggle for the rights and equality of all people. As a human rights city, we hereby set a clearly visible sign,” says Magistrate Max Tischler as a reason why the Human Rights City of Salzburg colours its appearance rainbow-coloured during Pride Month June. This can also be understood as a statement of Salzburg’s city policy in view of the new black-blue Salzburg state government.

“Being a human rights city means that cities and municipalities, local grassroots organisations and city residents commit in a declaration to uphold international human rights standards and norms and to work together for their realisation.”

And what’s next for the queer scene in the human rights city of Salzburg? An anecdotal review of 1000 years of Salzburg’s city history is provided by the queer city tour on Saturday 3.06. with Roman Forisch. The 2nd HOSI party of the year will also take place on Saturday. Again at the ARGE Kultur and again with two dance floors. On 9.06. the workshops start for Marinella Senatores Parade on 24.06. with her “School of Narrative Dance”. On 14.06. Carolin Schairer will read from her lesbian romance novel “With a Smile!”. And on 23 and 24 June, the Magic Garage will do the honours at the Narrencastl. Early ticketing might be useful. To be continued – stay tuned!

30.04.2023 Today Gigi’s Rosa Stadl dances into May. It starts at 7 pm in the Urbankeller. The interesting location promises good vibrations – in traditional costume. On Monday evening you will find the pictures here. The ESC is on 13 May. And where better than at the Magic Garage? In the Narrencastl there will be a performance, pub quiz or whatever. “This year, too, there will be dancing in July. City policy paves the way for Fifty Twenty – and calls for more diversity and more Salzburg artists,” says the Salzburger Nachrichten on 27 April about the city council’s decision to promote this event for young people. For one month this year, this “low-threshold” cultural offer will be made to young people for the second time. For one month, electronic music events, workshops, exhibitions and much more will give Salzburg a more youthful image, despite all the complaints from the neighbours. will accompany. So, let’s go!

02.04.2023 Yesterday Tannhäuser had its premiere at the Easter Festival. “Herbert von Karajan’s claim to his festival is only partially fulfilled in this year’s opera production of “Tannhäuser”” says Florian Oberhummer in the review of the Salzburger Nachrichten. On 5. and 9.04., you can relate to this. On Thursday and Friday (6/7.04.), “Träume” will have its premiere. Choreographer Emmanuel Gat has taken the “Wesendonck Lieder” by Richard Wagner as inspiration for the belletta “Träume”. Also on Thursday (6.04.) we can be curious about Westbam’s realisation of Wagner.

Parallel to the Easter Festival (1-10.04.), you can be impressed by the wide spectrum of Austrian and international galleries at Art&Antique in the Residenz. The contrast between this artistic diversity and the ambience of the Domquartier could not be greater. Good feel-good factor!

Next Thursday (6.04.) the first Pride Session of HOSI Salzburg will take place with a renowned Salzburg cultural institution – with the performance of AYMZ. With the Pride Sessions, HOSI Salzburg and Rockhouse Salzburg set an example for queer artists: Together they want to make diversity in the music scene visible.

On Friday (7.04.), women of all sexual sensitivities will meet for a bar evening at the HOSI Salzburg. And on Friday 14.04., Lilly Frost will read from her book “Anders schön” (Beautiful differently), which is about why it is not so bad to be different. On Sunday (16.04.) you can literally rock your balls – or let it do – at the Underwear Party in the Dark Eagle. There’s a lot going on here in Salzburg. And it’s going to continue, see the Upcoming Events calendar.

Published 5. August 2020Updated 27. November 2023

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