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The “Magic Garage” is Salzburg’s new drag show

“Have you often felt that you wanted to perform on stage yourself during a concert or theatre performance? With this question, Max, founder and organiser, approached friends and they now provide queer evening entertainment in Salzburg-Lehen.

October 2021 saw the premiere of the Magic Garage. The idea: to tell stories with song and dance in costume and bring cabaret to life. Where. At the Narrencastl in Salzburg-Lehen, right next to the Aiglhof S-Bahn station. There is a neighbourhood café with a stage and piano. Add lighting effects from the disco scaffolding and the setting is complete.

In Amsterdam, Max found a lime green costume in a second-hand shop with the words “Magic Garage” written on it. He had fallen in love with this costume and the name for the new show was found. “You open the garage door and out comes a whole lot of Magic.” On stage, Max and colleagues are now Ryder Goodenheart, Lady Lemonade, Penelope Ness and Hairy Puta.

Max and colleagues run their idea with a lot of charm. And they also like to give new people with talent space on their stage. Elvis Yeslay, Alice Moonstone or Justine Wilcox have already given a sign of life. The whole thing is great fun.

On 20 and 21 May there is the next opportunity to experience the Magic Garage. The dates are already planned until the end of the year. On 16 and 17 September there will be the Open Ballroom Contest, on 28 and 29 October the evening will be dedicated to Halloween and on 16 and 17 December the Magic Garage will do the honours with their Christmas show. And at the Long Night of Diversity and at the Pride, the four from the Magic Garage will certainly also be seen. A new colour in the queer life of Salzburg. Go there and have fun! The “Magic Garage” is Salzburg’s new drag show

Narrencastl, Robert-Biebl-Straße 22, at the Aiglhof S-Bahn station, 20 minutes’ walk from the Mirabell Gardens.

Published 28. April 2022Updated 6. May 2024
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