Queer, proud and visible!

Last weekend, the Salzburg Pride organising team decided on the motto for this year’s Pride 2022: “Be visible Schatzi”. The next Salzburg Pride will take place visibly from 2 to 4 September.

This year’s Pride motto has already been decided. The team has looked at all possible recordings of last year’s Salzburg Pride and evaluated the statements of participants. Many, including many young people, described the Pride as an opportunity to postulate the concerns of the LGBT community on the streets and to make the colours of the rainbow visible in the city. Visibility – a central concern for many. This is now reflected in the motto. In English. The motto of Salzburg Pride has actually been an English slogan for 8 years. Given Salzburg’s worldwide reputation, this cannot be dismissed out of hand. Schatzi then rather takes into account the alpine culture.

What this means for the upcoming Salzburg Pride is less easy to answer. In these Corona times, planning such a big event is a difficult undertaking. What Corona-related restrictions will apply at the beginning of September? Do participant limitations have to be considered? Will it be a masquerade ball? How will restrictions that no one knows about yet be controlled? Will parties be possible around the Pride Saturday?

Questions about questions

Questions that cannot yet be answered today. That is why multi-track planning is now underway. What would be the optimal variant? What happens if these or those restrictions apply and cutbacks have to be made?

The organising team will now think about all this in order to plan a Pride for 2 to 4 September 2022 that will continue the very successful path of the Salzburg Pride for the last three years. With a parade, Pride Night and many other events from Friday to Sunday. Thursday is also being considered. So we look forward to seeing you again in the beautiful city on the Salzach. Queer, proud and visible!

Update Pride Weekend has now become Pride Week. From 29.08. to 4.09. events at various locations will underline the visibility of the rainbow and the LGBT community in Salzburg. More about that soon here. Stay tuned!

Salzburg Pride 2022, 2.-4.09.2022

Published 3. February 2022Updated 28. March 2023
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