Kaiviertel Salzburg

The Kaiviertel – a small district with a big history

The Kaiviertel of Salzburg’s old town lies on the left bank of the Salzach and is the south-eastern corner of Salzburg’s old town. City history can be traced back more than 1000 years here.

As early as Roman times, when Salzburg was still called Iuvavum, a large temple was built here in honour of Asklepios, the god of healing. From the 13th century onwards, the Kaiviertel developed into a kind of embassy district for ecclesiastical legations. Numerous smaller bishoprics had their representatives to the Archbishop of Salzburg based here. At that time, people passed through the Kaiviertel when leaving Salzburg on the old trade routes to Hallein and Berchtesgaden. Or if you wanted to visit the Hellbrunn Palace.

In 1873, after the regulation of the Salzach, the construction of the Rudolfskai began, which now borders the Kaiviertel towards the Salzach. This was followed by the development of the newer part of the Kaiviertel, which had previously been outside the old city walls.

The former Kasererbräuhaus (now Hotel Kasererbräu) is also located in the Kaiviertel. In 1905, “running pictures” were shown here for the first time. The cinema made its way into the city of Mozart. This became the Mozartkino, the oldest cinema still in existence in the city of Salzburg. The history of the cinema makes fascinating reading and is evidence of cultural history in this part of Salzburg’s old town, which is somewhat off the beaten track. The hotel reception of the 4-star Hotel Kasererbräu is also the cinema box office.

Today, the Kaiviertel is a lively part of Salzburg’s old town. Galleries, boutiques and many other traders make strolling through the old alleys an entertaining experience.

From 29.09. to 1.10. the quarter will once again celebrate its Kaiviertelfest. “With a strong focus on local bands, local businesses and a welcome from the students in the new semester. A festival for young and old Salzburgers and guests in Salzburg’s old town,” as the organisers write. Indeed, almost 60 programme items over three days. From funk to beatboxer and loop station artist Matej, from church tours to festive services, from salsa classes to family cinema, the small district of Salzburg’s old town will be vibrating from 29 September to 1 October.

Published 17. September 2023Updated 22. September 2023
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