CSD Salzburg 2023

Great show

“Gigi’s Brunching Divas” was the opening event of this year’s Salzburg Pride. It was great cinema above the rooftops of the city.

At 11.30 a.m. Gigi LaPajette and three of her Austrian drag queen colleagues invited the guests to the arte Hotel Salzburg. The guests were welcomed on the 14th floor with a glass of sparkling wine, and they looked for a table. The arte had laid out an opulent breakfast buffet on the 15th floor and already on the stairs you could feel like you were on a show stage when you walked down with a full plate.

Gigi LaPajette and Managing Director of HOSI Salzburg Conny Felice welcomed the audience and Gigi charmingly introduced the programme for this lunchtime – divided into three show blocks, each with a 20-minute break for a plate update at the buffet.

Gigi La Pajette (Salzburg), Grazia Patricia, Miss Choices and Rytatale (all three from Vienna) enchanted the audience with charming, insinuating and also profound interpretations of musical models. Miss Choices celebrated “Alive” by Sia in an almost dramatic way. The escape from everyday life and the search for a way of life as one is, and not as it is expected of one, was reflected in a blood-soaked dress. Grazia Patricia, on the other hand, very entertainingly reduced all emotional sensitivities to a hypothyroidism. That was very funny 🙂

In the Corona period, Gigi LaPajette had concentrated her creativity on writing plays because of quarantine. This resulted in, for example, the “Nativity Play”, the No Angels Double, “Club of the She-Devils” or the “Crime Dinner.”

From Vienna to Innsbruck

With these first performances, contact developed with other Austrian drag queens. For example with Grazia Patricia, who today successfully produces her own show in Vienna – the Club Couleur at the Vindobona. Also with Sindy Sinful (Tyrol), the drag group Queerrinthia (Carinthia), Miss LaToya (Burgenland ), Miss Choices and Rytatale (both from Vienna and today with their Salzburg debut) there is now a network of 20 drag queens all over Austria who plan and perform shows and acts together. From Vienna to Innsbruck.

“Gigi’s Brunching Divas” at the arte Hotel today was a great demonstration of artistic skills and an expression of the diverse lifestyles of the queer community. And thus a worthy start to this year’s Salzburg Pride.

“Gigi’s Brunching Divas” will be continued on 5.11.2023 and 21.01.2024. Gigi with other artists at the same location at the arte Hotel Salzburg. If you would like to book Gigi, please send an email to booking@gigilapajette.de. All photos: gaysalzburg.at/Carina Karolus

Published 27. August 2023Updated 28. August 2023
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